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Impact of Foreign Investment in South Africa’s Casino Industry

Town Buildings and Casino Cards

South Africa is home to one of the world’s fastest-growing casino and gambling industries. Whereas many European national gambling industries have started to stagnate amidst oversaturated markets and prohibitive regulations, the African continent as a whole is thought to hold the most potential worldwide when it comes to developing online gambling markets. In recent years, the Rainbow Nation has benefited from an influx of offshore investment centered on the country’s burgeoning casino industry. Let’s examine the role of offshore investment in South Africa in more detail and consider what the future may hold for players and operators in the country. Read More...

Impact of Online Casinos on South Africa’s Economy

Impact of Online Casinos on South Africa's Economy

Online casinos have been rising in popularity consistently since they were first created. This has been aided by technological factors, from the invention of the internet itself to more recent milestones, including smartphones and streaming technology that have dramatically increased accessibility and led to the creation of live dealer tables. For South Africa, which already has an established brick-and-mortar casino sector and is the most advanced economy in Africa, online casinos represent an opportunity for economic growth beyond resource exploitation, agriculture, or manufacturing. Read More...