African Development Consulting Group Limited – Consulting Economists, Engineers and Planners; Nigeria


THE AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING GROUP LIMITED (ADCG) is a multi-disciplinary Nigerian based consultancy Services Firm established in 1974. The firm is a founding member of the Nigerian Association of Management Consultants (NAMCON).

The ADCG team of professionals aims at total project capability and has the ability to see an idea from the formation stage through evaluation to implementation. ADCG also has working arrangements with other professional groups and associated firms both local and foreign, and should the need arise, can act as co-ordinator for global projects.

African Development Consulting Group Limited (ADCG) is registered with most governments in Nigeria and has carried out consultancy assignments for Akwa-Ibom, Benue, Gongola, Plateau, Niger, Imo States and the Federal Government. It is also registered with the European Economic Community (EEC) for execution of projects in Nigeria and other African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries.

The Group has also been serving as consultant to several commercial and merchant banks, manufacturing and service companies as well as embassies in Nigeria.


Services and Expertise

ADCG’s area of specialisation include: market research, industrial surveys, collection and analysis of economic information and feasibility studies.

Our Market research activity provides for Customized Market Analysis (CMA) designed individually for Clients to: quantify the size, structure and trends of products and services markets in Nigeria and overseas, probe users practices, attitude and requirements (realised and unrealised); assess the climate of competition; analyse distribution channels, impediments to selling and report on legislative factors affecting markets.


Recent Projects

ProjectClientElectronic Smartcard ProjectConsortium of Commercial & Merchant Banks in LagosNigerian Oil IndustryADCG Industry SurveyNigerian Gas IndustryADCG Industry SurveyNigerian Telecommunications Industry ReportADCG Industry SurveyIT/Computer Industry ReportADCG Industry SurveyNigerian Textile IndustryADCG Industry SurveyUrban Prioritisation Study of Abia StateFederal Ministry of Works & Housing (under the sponsorship of world Bank Infrastructure Development Fund Programme)

The Group’s regular survey on Inflation in Nigeria offers an independent, reliable and timely source of variations in consumer prices in Nigeria.


Key Staff

The Chief Executive Officer of the Group is Mr. Weneso Orogun.

Other key staff involved in market and statistical analysis and surveys include:

  • Mr. A.J. Abraham (B.Sc, MBA), group leader for the Nigerian Oil Industry and Gas Industry surveys
  • Mr. Steve Osineye (B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil), group leader for the Telecommunications Industry and the IT/Computer Industry Surveys
  • Mr. Chris Okpoko (B.Sc;M.Sc Statistics), coordinator of our regular survey on inflation in Nigeria
  • Mr.Bayo Adeitan (B.Sc,M.Sc) assists with macro economic analysis

These resource persons can be contacted for more information on any of the studies.

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