Africa Project Access is a South African economic growth and development company providing specialist consulting services and information regarding projects in Africa.

The company publishes a monthly newsletter, Africa Project Newsletter, a combined publication and service which draws upon the extensive networks of Marchés Tropicaux et Mediterranéens (generally considered to be one of the best Africa business publications) for valuable intelligence on projects which are being planned and which have just been launched, and specialised financial institutions with extensive experience of project work in Africa.

Africa Project Newsletter‘s reader-friendly format allows the reader to quickly identify projects for further action. If you have a project which you would like to be made known to the financial and donor communities either directly or indirectly, you now for the first time have a marketing instrument available to you via this unique publication.

Subscription to Africa Project Newsletter entitles subscribers in the Rand Monetary Area to some of the following FREE project-related services:

  • Additional information on selected projects on request
  • Invitations to briefing sessions and subscribers’ meetings which offer one the opportunity to network with representatives of the donor agencies and international funding agencies as well as other important technical and governmental role players
  • Translations of selected extracts from the weekly French language editions of Marchés Tropicaux et Mediterraneéns as advertised in Africa Project Newsletter (on request)
  • General information and advice on donors, international funding agencies and how to access specialised funds (on request)
  • Back copies of Africa Project Newsletter (on request)
  • One-, two- or three-hour Briefing Sessions on criteria for market prioritisation in Africa (with special emphasis on levels of project funding), and practical internal, strategic and organisational measures for optimising project access in Africa. Attendees will receive copies of relevant documentation and slides, and, according to individual requirements, be addressed by Africa Project Access personnel and invited specialists in various markets

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