Introduction to CAIA

The Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association (CAIA) was established in 1993, though its origins can be traced back to the Transvaal Chemical Manufacturers’ Association (TCMA), which was formed over 50 years ago.

In 1994, CAIA launched Responsible Care in South Africa to respond to public concerns about the manufacture, storage, transport, use, and disposal of chemicals.

CAIA’s primary goals are:

  • to promote Responsible Care and to monitor its implementation.
  • to earn public trust for the chemical industry,
  • to improve the effectiveness of its advocacy initiatives with Government and NGOs,
  • to support education initiatives in science, engineering and technology,
  • to create maximum value for its member companies

As of the end of 2003 CAIA has 202 members of whom 120 are signatories to Responsible Care. Membership is open to chemical manufacturers as well as to service providers such as storage companies, hauliers, and consultants.

CAIA operates through a board, comprised of the CEOs of a range of chemical companies, and two standing committees concerned with:

  • Responsible Care,
  • Trade and Industry,

Day-to-day running of the Association is controlled by an Executive Director (Dr L Lotter), who is assisted by a Director: Information and Education Resources, a Responsible Care Manager and four support staff.

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