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The Treaty of Lagos, establishing ECOWAS, was signed in May 1975 by 15 states, with the object of promoting trade, co-operation and self-reliance in West Africa. Cape Verde joined in 1977. A revised ECOWAS treaty, designed to accelerate economic integration and to increase political co-operation, was drafted in 1991-92, and was signed in July 1993. The revised treaty designates the achievement of a common market and a single currency as economic objectives, while in the political sphere it envisages the establishment of a West African parliament, an economic and social council and an ECOWAS court of justice to replace the existing Tribunal and enforce Community decisions. The treaty also formally assigned the Community with the responsibility of preventing and settling regional conflicts.

General Information
Organisation Type/Location: Organisation in Nigeria
Nick name/Abbrev.: ECOWAS
Business Sector(s): Trading – General Trading
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has member: Nigeria
has member: Senegal
has member: Sierra Leone
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Executive Secretary: Mr L Kouyate (Lansana)

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