Read about Advertising your Event in the MBendi AfroPaedia

The MBendi AfroPaedia is Africa’s premier business web site used by tens of thousands of businesspeople around the world each month to research African business opportunities. If you would like to tell this audience about your conference, exhibition, trade faire or other type of event as part of a focused marketing initiative, then the MBendi AfroPaedia is the ideal place to advertise on the Internet.

MBendi does not use banner adverts nor do we link to other web sites. Instead we blend client advertorial with MBendi’s editorial content to provide advertising that is cost effective for the client and unobtrusive for the reader. Many of our clients report new business opportunities created by their presence in the MBendi AfroPaedia. Certainly clients who house their web sites within the MBendi AfroPaedia experience better exposure than they would achieve with a stand-alone site. And just as companies place adverts in paper publications targeted at the readership of each publication, so some of our clients with their own web sites also advertise in the MBendi AfroPaedia.

If your company would like to advertise in the MBendi AfroPaedia then please contact MBendi with a short note outlining who you are and what you wish to achieve and we will contact you to discuss your requirements. Some of Africa’s major companies have already chosen this option.

If you do not wish to advertise at the present time but your event or company details are either not included in our database or are incorrect, then please contact MBendi and send us the name, industry sector, address, phone, fax and E-mail of your company together with a short sentence describing what your company does and the event you are organising. We will then ensure that this information is added to our database. There is no charge for this service. However you should note that the information that will appear in the AfroPaedia will be extremely limited.


Shaun Bakamoso

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