Nature of Business::

In 1999, Total merged with Fina and Elf to form TotalFinaElf. Wholly-owned TOTAL associate company which participates in the Kenyan oil industry through its upstream activities, petroleum marketing, trading and chemicals marketing business. It is a marketer of fuels and lubricants with a retail network. Key fuels products include gasoline, diesel, illuminating kerosene and LP gas. Lubricants include automotive oils, industrial oils and greases.

General Information
Organisation Type/Location: Company in Kenya
Exchange Market Name ISIN
Nairobi Stock Exchange TKL
Business Sector(s): Oil and Gas – Petroleum and Petroleum Products Wholesalers
Related Organisations
has shareholder: TOTAL – Courbevoie, France
Chairperson: Mr JL Harmel
Managing Director: Ms MN Nguer (Momar)
Contact Person: Mrs C Atallah (Christine)