The Private Sector Investments Unit of the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) plays a unique role in facilitating private sector provision of infrastructure in support of sustainable economic development in the SADC region.

Our Unit was established in 1996 in response to a worldwide trend towards increased private sector involvement in infrastructure, and in recognition of the need for an appropriate source of financial support for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Southern Africa.

The sub-continent faces exciting and challenging times. There is increasing demand for much-needed new and improved infrastructure such as water supply and sanitation systems, affordable housing and electricity supply, health care facilities, schools, roads, tourism infrastructure, airports and harbour facilities, to name but a few. Such infrastructure is required by national, provincial and local governments and their operating departments to ensure the needs of our region’s people are met.

Many of these organisations, however, lack the necessary fiscal and managerial resources to be empowered sufficiently to achieve a drastic reduction in the backlog of required new infrastructure in the short and medium term.

Mission Statement

We aim to promote economic development by fostering the growth of productive enterprise and efficient capital markets within the regional and sectoral requirements of DBSA’s mandate.


Our focus is on four broad infrastructural groups:

  • basic infrastructure services to the community (e.g. water and sanitation)
  • economic infrastructure (e.g. telecommunications, toll roads, rail, power)
  • industrial/agribusiness projects with infrastructure components
  • capital market development

Our portfolio covers a range of countries and sectors.

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