The changing political and economic environment in Africa has resulted in heightened investor interest in the continent. In recognition of this we have established a communication network which enables our firm to provide service in 51 countries in Africa. Ernst & Young practices have co-operated in many cross border transactions and our clients know that they can expect the same dedicated level of service in African countries that they have become accustomed to in their home countries.

Investment profiles been compiled on the countries listed above to assist potential investors:

  • General information, including location and size of country, population, language(s), religion(s), climate, principal resources and a brief overview of the economy.
  • The Ernst & Young practice, covering number of partners, staff and administrative personnel by function. The name, fax and telephone number of the contact person.
  • Types of business establishments: private and public companies, partnerships, sole proprietors etc.
  • Taxation, both direct and indirect; company and individual; withholding taxes; tax rates.
  • Investment incentives including tax holidays, geographic incentives and rebates
  • Exchange control regulations (particularly important for the remittance of dividends and expatriate remuneration).
  • Visa requirements.

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