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To design, build & refurbish Eskom’s assets, act as a catalyst for project development for the group; and to be the custodian of Eskom’s non-regulated* businesses.
General Information
Organisation Type/Location: Parastatal in South Africa
Registration No.: 1999/002761/07
Nick name/Abbrev.: Eskom
Business Sector(s): Building, Construction and Civil Engineering – Engineering Services
Computers and Communications – Computer Systems, Internet Services, Software Solutions, Web Site Services
Development – General Development
Electrical Power – Electrical Power Distribution, Electrical Power Generation, Electrical Power Transmission
Engineering – Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Consulting Engineers, Engineering design, Environmental engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Technology
Manufacturing – Conveyor and Conveying Equipment Manufacturing, Pump and Compressor Manufacturing
Oil and Gas – Support Activities for Oil and Gas Operations
Professional Services – Certification Services, Consulting, Design, Feasibility Studies, ISO standards, Metallurgical Consultants/Engineers/Design, Project Management, Quality Control, Research and Development, Risk Consulting
Public Utilities – Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Trading – Import and Export
Waste Management, Pollution Control and Recycling – Pollution Control, Waste Management, Waste treatment systems
Related Organisations
owns: Airborne Laser Solutions, South Africa
has a share in: Amazing Amanzi (70%) – Johannesburg, South Africa
has a share in: arivia.kom (45%) – Johannesburg, South Africa
has a share in: Ash Resources, South Africa
has a share in: Bonesa (45%) – Hatfield, South Africa
has a share in: Electricity Africa (50%), South Africa
has a share in: ELGAS (25%), Mozambique
has a share in: EON Solutions (50%), South Africa
has a share in: Eskom Holdings (Pty) Ltd – Sandton, South Africa
has a share in: GESCO (49%), South Africa
has a share in: HEM-KOM (50%), South Africa
has a share in: Mountain Communications (71%) – Mountain Home, United States
has a share in: Newsutu (66.6%), South Africa
has a share in: Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (Pty) Ltd (30%) – Centurion, South Africa
has a share in: PTM, South Africa
owns: Rotek Industries (Pty) Ltd – Johannesburg, South Africa
has a share in: Trans-Africa Projects (51%) – Midrand, South Africa
has division: Eskom Telecommunications – Johannesburg, South Africa
is a division of: Eskom Holdings – Sandton, South Africa
owns: Eskom Enterprises – national fibre-optic network programme
owns: HVDC Apollo converter station refurbishment, Johannesburg
owns: Stations Upgrade
owns: Upington solar power plant
Chairman: Mr TS Gcabashe (Thulani)
Chief Executive Officer: Mr BA Dames (Brian)
Managing Director (Africa): Mr D Mbonyana (Duncan)
Director (Exec.): Mr S Moloko (Solly)
Executive Director Finance: Mr R Naidoo (Reg)
Director (Non-Exec.): Mrs S Dakile-Hlongwane (Salukazi)
Director (Non-Exec.): Mr D Geeringh (Div)
Director (Non-Exec.): Mr KJ Hlongwane (Joe)
Director (Non-Exec.): Mr D Mostert (David)
Director (Non-Exec.): Mr DM Ramaphosa
Contact Person: Mr V Pretorius (Vic)

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