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The idea of establishing a securities market in the Sudan was first mooted in 1962, an Act for a securities market was passed in 1982, and in 1990 serious steps were taken to bring the idea to fruition within the framework of the required liberalisation policies of the time. In November 1992 the Council of Ministers approved an amendment of the Securities Market Act of 1982. A new Act was prepared to establish the Khartoum Stock Exchange and was passed by the Transitional National Assembly in June 1994, after which the Khartoum Stock Exchange finally became an independent legal entity.Work on the Primary Market (or Issue Market) started on 10 October 1994; and at the beginning of 1995 the Secondary Market (where shares are traded) was started.

The Exchange operates on the basis of the directives of Islamic Sharia. Its objectives include

the organisation and supervision of the issue of securities
encouraging saving by ordinary citizens and raising capital for public companies
promoting and encouraging investment in securities
creating the necessary investment environment
establishing a code of conduct and fairness among the various investors
guaranteeing equal opportunities for those dealing in securities in order to protect small investors

Chairperson: Mr A Hamdi (Abdul Rahim)

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Khartoum Stock Exchange

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