Nigerian Stock Exchange

Market Listing

Companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange:

A G Leventis Group (Nigeria) Ltd
Aba Textile Mills Plc
Aboseldehyde Plc
Abplast Products Ltd
Academy Press plc
Afprint Nigeria Ltd
Afribank Nigeria Plc
African Continental Bank Ltd
African Petroleum Plc
Afrik Pharmaceuticals Company Ltd
Afroil Plc
Agip Nigeria Ltd
Aiico Insurance Plc
Allco Insurance Plc
Allied Bank of Nigeria Ltd
Alpha Merchant Bank Plc
Aluminium Extrusion Industries Plc
Aluminium Manufacturing Company of Nigeria Ltd
Amicable Assurance Plc
Arbico Plc
Asaba Textile Mills Plc
Ashakacem Plc
AT&T Global Information Solutions (Nigeria) Ltd
Atlas Nigeria Ltd
Aviation Development Company Plc
Avon Crowncaps and Containers (Nigeria) Plc
Baico Insurance Plc
Bata Nigeria Ltd
Benue Cement Company Ltd
Berec Nigeria Ltd
Berger Julius Nigeria Ltd
Berger Paints Nigeria Ltd
Bewac Ltd
Blackwood Hodge (Nigeria) Ltd
C.M.B.(Nigeria) Plc
Cadbury Nigeria Ltd
Cap Plc
Capital Oil Plc
Cappa & D’Alberto Plc
Cement Company of Northern Nigeria Plc
Ceramic Manufacturers Nigeria Plc
CFAO (Nigeria) Plc
Chellarams Plc
Chemical And Allied Products Company Ltd
Christlieb (Nigeria) Ltd, AC
Costain (West Africa) plc
Crusader Insurance (Nigeria) Plc
Cutix Plc
Daily Times of Nigeria Ltd
Dumez Nigeria Plc
Dunlop Nigeria Ltd
Ecobank Nigeria Plc
Ekocorp Plc
Ellah Lakes Plc
Enpee Industries Ltd
Evans Medical Plc
Ferdinand Oil Mills Plc
First Aluminium Nigeria Plc
First Bank of Nigeria
First Capital Investment Trust Plc
Flexible Packaging Plc
Flour Mills Nigeria Ltd
Foremost Dairies (Nigeria) Ltd
FSB International Bank Ltd
G.Cappa Ltd
Golden Guinea Breweries Ltd
Grommac Industries Plc
Guinea Insurance Co Ltd
Guinness (Nigeria) Ltd
Hallmark Paper Products Plc
Highland Bank of Nigeria Plc
I.P.W.A. Plc
Impresit Bakolori Plc
Incar Nigeria Ltd
Industrial Gases Ltd
Inland Bank (Nigeria) Plc
Interlinked Technologies Plc
International Breweries
International Merchant Bank (Nigeria) Limited
Intra Motors Nigeria Ltd
John Holt Ltd
Jos International Breweries Plc
Juli Pharmacy & Stores Nigeria Ltd
Julius Berger Nigeria Ltd
Krabo Nigeria Plc
Lasaco Assurance Plc
Law Union & Rock Insurance Company (Nigeria) Ltd
Lennards Nigeria Ltd
Lever Brothers (Nigeria) Ltd
Lion Bank of Nigeria Ltd
Livestock Feeds Ltd
Liz- Olofin and Company Plc
Manrides P.S.Plc
Maureen Laboratories Plc
Mercantile Bank of Nigeria Ltd
Metoxide Nigeria Ltd
Meyer DN Plc
Mobil Oil Nigeria
Morison Industries Ltd
Mouka Ltd
NAL Merchant Bank
National Oil And Chemical Marketing Company Ltd
National Salt Company Nigeria Plc
NEM Insurance Plc
Nestle Foods Nigeria Ltd
Newpak Plc
Niger Insurance Company Ltd, The
Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd
Nigerian Breweries Plc
Nigerian Enamelware Company Plc
Nigerian Lamps Industries Plc
Nigerian Ropes Ltd
Nigerian Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co Ltd
Nigerian Textile Mills Ltd
Nigerian Tobacco Company Ltd
Nigerian Wire and Cable Plc
Nigerian Wire Industries Plc
Nigerian Yeast and Alcohol Manufacturing Company Ltd
Nigerian-German Chemicals Plc
Northern Nigeria Flour Mills Ltd
Okitipupa Oil Palm Ltd
Okomu Oil Palm Company Plc
Oluwa Glass Company Plc
Onwuka Hi-Tek Industries Plc
Orient Bank of Nigeria Plc
Ovaltine (West Africa) Plc
Owena Bank Nigeria Plc
P.Z.Industries Plc
Paterson Zochonis Industries Ltd
Pfizer Products Ltd
Pharma-Deko Plc
Poly Products Nigeria Ltd
Premier Breweries Ltd
Prestige Assurance Ltd
Progress Bank of Nigeria Ltd
Rak Unity Petroleum Plc
Rietzcot Nigeria Company Plc
Roads Nigeria Ltd
Royal Exchange Assurance Nigeria Plc
RT Briscoe Nigeria Ltd
Savannah Bank of Nigeria Ltd
Scoa Nigeria Ltd
Seven-Up Bottling Co Plc
Smithkline-Beecham Nigeria Ltd
Smurfit Print Nigeria Plc
Sterling Products Nigeria Plc
Stokvis Nigeria Ltd
Studio Press Nigeria Ltd
Sun Insurance Office Nigeria Ltd
Tate & Lyle Nigeria Ltd
Texaco Nigeria Ltd
The West African Portland Cement Company Ltd
Thomas Wyatt Nigeria Ltd
TOTAL Nigeria Ltd
Trade Bank Plc
Trans International Bank Plc
Trans Nationwide Express Plc
Triple Gee and Company Plc
Tropical Petroleum Plc
UAC Of Nigeria Ltd
UNIC Insurance Plc
Union Bank of Nigeria PLC
Union Ventures and Petroleum Plc
Unipetrol Nigeria Ltd
United Bank for Africa plc
United Textiles Ltd
University Press Ltd
UTC Nigeria Ltd
Van Leer Containers Nigeria Ltd
Vitaform Nigeria Ltd
Vono Products Ltd
Wema Bank Ltd
West African Alumimium Products Plc
West African Glass Industries Ltd
West African Provincial Insurance Plc
Western Textile Mills Ltd

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