The Tunis Stock Exchange in Tunisia is a small but active stock exchange in Africa which should see more activity as privatisation of state enterprises takes place. It was established in 1969 and currently has over 20 companies listed.

All listings are included in the BVM Index.

During April 1998 a new share index weighted by market capitalisation was introduced to the Tunisian Stock Exchange. Initially only 13 stocks are being listed on the index. Membership of the index is open, but companies must have liquidity of at least 80 percent. The existing Tunis index of 33 stocks is characterised by a lack of liquidity, a fact which has been a concern of potential investors. Movements in stock prices on the new index will not be constrained by one day fluctuation limits, and foreign investment will be allowed. Trading on the exchange has previously been hindered by limits on the single day fluctuations of individual stocks. The new index would be dominated by financial companies such as Banque de L’habitat, Amen Bank and Biat. The recently privatised Tunis Air may also be listed along with Societe Frigorifigue et Brasserie, a drinks distributor, retail chain Monoprix, chemical company Al Chimia and Tunisie Leasing.

The Casablanca and Tunisian stock markets are covered in a quarterly report on Arab stock exchanges established by the Abu Dhabi-based Arab Monetary Fund. The report includes individual indices for each market, as well as a weighted composite tracking four Middle Eastern and the two North African bourses.

In August 1995 Tunisia issued a decree simplifying the purchase of shares in Tunisian companies by foreigners. Foreigners can buy up to 10% of a company on the Tunis Stock Exchange and up to 30% of an unlisted company without central bank approval.


Trading days and times are Monday to Friday, 10:30 – 12:30. Charges are 0.2% on traded value less than D50,000 and 0.1% on more than D50,000 traded value. There is no tax on dividends or capital gains tax.

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