GeoAfrica Gold Corporation is a Canadian, public, non-listed mineral exploration and mining company.

GeoAfrica’s mission is to explore for economic gold, diamond and gemstone deposits, to bring them into production and to derive income and capital growth from this for the benefit of its shareholders, its employees and the host countries.

The company was incorporated as Ilesha Gold Fields Limited on 24 June 1996 in Alberta, Canada (Corporate Access Number 20699614). Ilesha Gold Fields Limited was continued into the Yukon Territory on 28 February 1997 (Yukon Corporate Access Number 25945). On 30 May 1997 the name was changed to GeoAfrica Gold Corporation.

Hans-Peter Gassner, JP, lic.oec.HSG, an Australian from Sydney, Australia is the director and chairman of GeoAfrica Gold Corporation.

The company’s officers are the President, Hans-Peter Gassner, and the Company Secretary, Lena Elisabet Gassner, of Swedish extraction, living in Sydney, Australia.

The number of common shares and of preferred shares authorised to be issued is unlimited. As of 17.Feb.2003, there were 15,944,113 common shares, issued to 31 shareholder

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