Most of the agricultural and livestock in South America is for domestic markets and subsistence. Agricultural production, exportation of agricultural products and marketing account for a substantial part of commercial activity. The industry accounts for large proportions of the labour force and about 12% of the GDP.


Agricultural products vary from items like a variety of fruits and vegetables, diary items, meat, livestock, fish and more. Raising beef for export is an important export commodity for Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Colombia.

Amongst the tropical crops grown for domestic use and for export, coffee is the most important. It is produced mainly in the highlands of Brazil and in central and western Colombia. Cacao is also important and produced in the eastern Brazil and western Colombia regions.

Sugar is produced for export in Peru, Guyana and Suriname however the sugarcane produced in most other parts is mainly for domestic use only.

Peru produces cotton for export, as does eastern Brazil. Uruguay has been exporting wool and hides for many years and is reliant on these products.

In Argentina wool and hides are also produced for export and domestic use along with corn, linseed and meat.

Fishing and Forestry

The fishing and forestry industries in South America are relatively small and orientated towards domestic markets. There is a huge market here for large-scale forestry and fishing industries.

South America’s most important fishing tends to be in the Pacific coast waters as anchovies are caught for fish meal off the coasts of Peru and Chile, Tuna is caught off the coast of Ecuador and Peru and Crustaceans are caught in Chile, Guiana and Brazil.

Organisations (46)

Alianca Despachos Aduaneiros Ltda, Cheyenne Shipping Inc., Daybyday International, Maeda Group, Santelisa Vale Bioenergia S/A, Usina Costa Pinto S.A. – Acucar e Alcool, Viesa Viande Export Import SA, VIESA-VIANDE-EXPORT-IMPORT-SA, Agritech Inversora S.A., Agrocarnes, Agroquimicos Consultores, Asociación Argentina Criadores de Hereford, Banco Patagonia Sudameris Argentina, SA, Coimexpor Argentina, Cooperativa Ingenieria Argentina Ltd, Copefrut S.A., Elisa, La, Epuyen SA, International Alpaca Association, Mini Bruno Sucesores, C.A.

Facilities (56)

Ancon, Arica Port, Atico, Bogota port, Buenaventura Port, Buenos Aires Port, Callao Port, CallaoChancay, Caracas Port, Carbo Blanco, Cartagena Port, Chimbote, Coishco, Curitiba Port, Degrad De Cannes Port, Esmeraldas Port, Eten, GAC-Ultramar Peru, Georgetown (Guy) Port, Guayaquil Port

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