Is your organisation looking for finance?
MBendi works with a number of financial institutions able to provide finance in most countries of the world. To assist organisations seeking project or trade finance MBendi provides a confidential service where a request for finance can be made by filling in a simple form on-line.

Depending on the type of finance required, MBendi will pass the request to one of the international financial institutions working with us, some of whom are listed on our client list, some not.

Please note that there are usually more financing options available where the total finance required is in excess of US$10 million. In all cases, the institutions will require a good business case from the applicant.

There is no charge for using this service and all correspondence will be regarded as strictly confidential. You will first be required to log-on. If you are not already a registered user with a user number and password, you will first need to register as a user. Your user number and password will be sent to you by E-mail.

After you logon you will be requested to complete two screens. The first screen contains a set of basic questions. The second screen contains questions related to responses made on the first screen. After completing the questions you will be asked to verify your responses before the application can be processed.

You will be immediately informed of whether your application meets the funding requirements of any financial institution working with MBendi. If it does, your application will be submitted to the financial institution for further processing (with a copy e-mailed to you). The financial institution will then contact you directly to discuss the application further.

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