China, India, Russia, Indonesia and other states of the CIS, dominate Asian mining. These three countries are also major global producers of commodities such as gold, diamonds, base metals, coal, tungsten, tin and PGE’s. Problems of introducing foreign investment into these countries has led to infrastructure seriously needing upgrading and lowered production. Even though these countries have great minerals potential, government bureaucracy is to blame for several foreign companies having to constantly review their investments. Several Asian countries are nearing ore reserves depletion in many of their mines. There is no evidence of real exploration being carried out to extend strategic metal ore reserves.

Indonesia has been in the spotlight with its East Timor crisis, and the decision whether or not Indonesia can remain as a unified country remains unclear for the short term. This may impact foreign investment decisions. Indonesia has had its fair share of scandal, one of them being the Bre-X debacle. Indonesia is a major producer of coal, gold, copper and tin.

Accurate information on commodities produced in some countries is difficult to obtain, in particular Russia and China. Although Russia, China and India are major producers of most commodities, most of their production is consumed domestically or purchased by central government banks as stockpiles. Although Russia has a growing export mineral trade, it is still reliant on several imports, especially since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Russia’s largest export mineral product is natural gas, followed by crude oil and petroleum products. The Chinese government is trying to convert its medium to large state owned enterprises into corporate, so that these companies can become more globally competitive. As a result several joint ventures with foreign investors has been signed.

Organisations (592)

Adora Marble & Mining ind. co., ltd, Al Shaheen Trading Co., Alliance Minerals Pvt. Ltd., Aluphi Waisgad, Anhui Xianfeng Chemical Co., Ltd, Arab Potash Company, Ashapura Group of Industries, Atlas Consolidated Mining & Development Corporation, Azimut Energy Services, Bectrade, BML, C&Z; Brothers Int’l Industry, Ltd., Chima Marketing Agency, China Coal Energy Company Limited, China Mining Association, China Union Graphite Corporation, Chongqing World Haorui Pharm-Chem Co., Ltd., Chugai Mining Company Limited, CITIC Resources Holdings Limited, CJW Holding International

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3m Metalurji Alüminyum Biyet ve külçe Alasimlari, 701 Changma, Agi Dagi, Agnigundala, Aikhal GOK, Al-Amar Mine, Altan Machinery&Casting; Co., Altun Dokum San. A.S., Amantaytau, An Tai Bao, Anadolu Hidrolik, Angouran Mine, Angren, Anjialing, Aprelevka, Ardöksan Sfero ve kaliteli Pik Döküm Sanayi Ltd.Sti., Ardöküm Makina ve Merdane San.tic.a.s., Arslan Elektrik Makina A. S., Artyom, Ashele Copper Mine

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