Cooper production in Zimbabwe totalled 2767 t in 2003 compared to 2502 t in 2002. Zimbabwe has several small to medium scale mines located in the Proterozoic Magondi Belt in the north west of the country. The Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) has brought the Sanyati copper mine onstream and it is expected to produce 5 000 t/year using a heap leach process. Persistent financial and operational problems have led to the collapse of Mhangura Copper Mines, another ZMDC company. Mhangura, which is facing depleted ore reserves and rising costs has signed an agreement with the DRC’s Gecamines to provide Mhangura with 2500 t of copper concentrate per month. This deal has apparantly fallen through and Mhangura is currently relying on production from the local Renco and Muriel mines as well as concentrates supplied from South Africa. Copper production has been declining in recent years because of the depletion of known reserves and low exploration expenditure levels in copper. Enormous exploration potential remains.

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