Alluvial diamond mining has an official annual output of 145 000 carats (2001), of which three quarters are said to be gemstone quality. Cote dIvoire has historically produced approximately 165 000 ct/year. All of the alluvial mining is sourced from the fields located at Tortiya and Seguela which is located 100km from Korhogo. Although kimberlites have been identified in these areas, none have been mined or evaluated.

Golden Star Resources has several diamond exploration projects in Côte D’Ivoire, with the focus being on the Tortyia area. African Carnegie Diamonds Plc, a subsidiary of Australian Carnegie Corporation has an agreement with Canadian Absolut Resources Corp covering the 1000km2 Bobi and Toubabakou diamond prospects. The area covers several primary kimberlitic dykes and sills. The initial target is a 6km long stretch along the Legbo River as well as the Bobi dyke that could represent a potential source. However, political stability in the country remains uncertain.

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Afema, Agbaou, Angovia, Bobi-Toubabouko, Ity, Seguela, Tongon, Tortiya, Touba Biankouma, Touba-Sipilou

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