Officially, diamonds have contribute 60% to the nations export earnings. The CAR is one of Africa’s major diamond producers, although production is almost entirely produced by artisinal methods. The CAR is well known for its good quality diamonds, ranked 5th in the world in terms of quality.

Diamonds were discovered in the early 1900’s and production did increase to a maximum total of about 600 000ct per year. It has subsequently dropped due to lack of control of the diamond industry. The CAR produces an estimated 620 000 ct each year. Some commercial mining and exploration of alluvial deposits has begun, albeit with difficulties. No primary sources for the diamonds have been located, suggesting that there is either great potential for kimberlite discovery, or that the diamonds have been introduced from diamond rich DRC to the south. Most alluvial diamond deposits are situated along north flowing drainage’s, sourced from the DRC to the south. However, this does not decrease the possibility of kimberlite discovery proximal to these drainages.

The Boungou River is the largest tributary of the Kotto River, which is the eastern CAR’s largest river. The Boungou River and its tributaries account for some 25% of the CAR’s total production, with most production being sourced from three main alluvial prospects: The Djourou, Aigbando and Trouapou-Boungou prospects that are currently being exploited by artisanal miners. Canadian junior Vaaldiam Resources has begun evaluating this region, located approxiamtely 80km northwest of the town of Bria.

United Reef has two exploration permits for diamonds. The permits include two alluvial deposits. Howe Centrafique has several alluvial projects in the Central African Republic, including the Mabala mine, which has reported declining grades.

DiamondWorks’s Central African Mining SARL (CAMCO) claims to have the country’s largest ground holding with 6 licenses in the northeast that total 11 600 km21. Camco intends focusing on the Ouandjia and Nzako permits in the second half of 2001. Similarly, its diamond buying subsidiary CADCO (Central African Diamond Company) will resume operations in the CAR.

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