Currently Lesotho produces a very small amount of diamonds. In recent years 33 kimberlite pipes and 140 dykes, of which 24 are diamondiferous, have been identified by the Lesotho Geological Survey. European Diamonds has started production at the Lqhobong satellite pipe and will start mine dvelopment soon.

The Letseng la Terae Mine in the Mokhotlong district operated by local company Letseng Diamonds was officially reopened on 26 November 2004 and plans to produce 50 000 ct/y. During the start up three large diamonds were found (215,125, and 95 ct) valued at US$5.9 million. Letseng Diamonds and Matodzi Resources (previously New Mining Corporation) each have a major share in the project, with the Lesotho government retaining a 24% share. Letseng Diamonds intends mining the satellite pipe as well as a 5Mt stockpile left by De Beers. In 2003 the Lets’eng Diamond Mine sold diamonds for $5.6m in Antwerp. Before re-starting production in April 2003, the Lets’eng Diamond Mine remained abandoned after De Beers ceased operations there in 1982 producing a total of 280 000ct.. Lets’eng diamond Mine is the highest mine in the world at an altitude of 3 250m above sea level and is found at one of the coldest places in Africa which once boasted the highest airstrip in the world.

DiamondWorks has acquired the option to develop portions of the Kao kimberlite. The Kao property represents 7 ha and approximately 35% of the 20ha pipe in the Butha Buthe district. A feasibility study is being undertaken.

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Angel Diamonds Ltd, Lesotho Diamond Corp, Letseng Diamonds, Liqhobong Mining Development Company :[ Add More ]

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Kao, Lets’eng la Terae, Letseng

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