Mozambique produced 63 kg of gold during 2003 compared to 17 kg in 2002. Mozambique’s gold production has traditionally come from the Manica greenstone belt situated close to the border with Zimbabwe. Only one official mine exists, the Monarch mine, operated by Mincor de Mozambique Lda, which is currently on care and maintenance. The potential of this greenstone belt has not been fully exploited and it is anticipated that gold output could increase to between 5 – 10t per year dependent on the amount of adequate investment. Principal alluvial deposits have been located within the Revue, Inhamurra, Muza and Chimezi rivers. An estimated resource potential of these alluvial deposits amounts to 112 million m3 at an average grade of 0.25g/m3, yielding approximately 25 t of gold.

The Niassa province in the northwest of Mozambique has seen an increase in gold exploration and mining, in particular by artisanal workers. Gold is located within structurally controlled quartz veins located within Palaeo Proterozoic greenstone belts located close to the shores of Lake Nyasa. Currently all gold production in this region comes from artisanal alluvial workings that grade at between 0.5 – 3 g/m3. It is estimated that about 12 t of gold has been produced from this region since 1990. However, most of this production is (illegally) sold to neighbouring Tanzania.

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