Uganda’s gold industry has seen a radical increase in gold production. The country produced 7t of gold in 2000, up from 225kg produced in 1994. Gold appears to be widely distributed throughout Uganda, but has only been exploited by artisinal miners in a few areas near Busia (East), Buhweju and Kigezi (Southwest), Mubende (central) and more recently, Karamoja in the northeast. Most of the gold mined is located in small, high grade alluvial deposits located around the Proterozoic Buhweju basin. The Busia goldfield is considered an extension of the Lake Victoria Goldfields located in Tanzania.

Uganda’s gold production has increased largely due to deregulation of gold sales by the Central Bank as well as gold from neighbouring DRC being sold in Uganda. Gold contributes up to 30% of export revenues from Uganda, which is primarily a coffee producer.

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