Australian mining company, Aim Resources Ltd is set to become the first zinc producer in West Africa and is the first base metals mining company in Burkina Faso. The company is actively developing the Pekoa zinc deposit, one of the richest zinc properties in the world. The project entails a mid-sized, high-grade volcanic massive sulphide deposit, which possesses a mine life of over fourteen years. Aim Resources currently holds 90% of the Pekoa project and will produce the lowest cost zinc in Africa.

Facilities (16)
Belahouro Gold Deposit, Bombore Gold Deposit, Essakan, Guiro, Kalsaka, Kerboule, Malba Copper/Gold Project, Mana, Maoula, Perkoa, Poura, Rounga, Tambao, Taparko, Tounte, Youga

Participating Organisations
Metorex Limited

Metorex are undergoing discussions with the Burkina Faso government to develop the Perkoa zinc deposit.