Algeria has major deposits of phosphates and iron ore, as well as smaller deposits of coal, lead and zinc. All of these are mined as well as some mercury and copper. Mining and beneficiation operations in Algeria are owned and operated by the government.

A bonanza of high-grade gold has been found in the Hoggar desert hills of southern Algeria. Five vast geological provinces, each about 600 km long, have been identified. Exploration drilling at two deposits have produced yields graded at 25,1 g/t and 16,49 g/t. In South Africa’s declining gold industry, 6,4 g/t is considered good. The Algerians are looking for foreign companies with expertise to come in and do some exploration, increase the reserves and actually start mining.

The industry is regulated by the Ministry of Mines and Industry, 4 rue Ahmad Bey, Immeuble le Colisee, Algiers.