Angola has substantial deposits of diamonds, gold, iron ore, phosphates, manganese, copper, lead, quartz, gypsum, marble, black granite, beryl, zinc and numerous base and strategic metals.

Because of the difficulty of undertaking exploration and mining activities in a war zone, mining in Angola is currently limited to diamond mining in the Lunda Norte Province, ornamental stones in the Huila and Namibe areas and salt.

Rawtech provides personnel and exploration skills for exploration contracts, data processing, target generation and general geological services.

Other Minerals

Angola also has small reserves of copper, iron ore, managanese, phosphates, and uranium. The government is seeking private sector partners to assist in developing phosphate deposits at Quindonacaxa; kaolin deposits at Quihite; gypsum and quartz at Sumbe; and gemstone deposits at Catoca.

The Angolan iron ore mines at Cassinga ceased production in 1975. However the state iron mining company, Ferrangol, is seeking a joint venture partner to evaluate the Kassala Quitungo prospect in northern Angola.

Anglo American has been awarded two base metals concessions in the southern part of the country for its Anmercosa Exploration affiliate.


The government has developed a policy framework to encourage investment in the mining sector. It has ended the state monopoly on geological studies and mineral prospecting and will award concessions to both foreign and national companies for prospecting as well as production.

The Ministry of Geology and Mines is responsible for government mining policy and legislation. The Minister of Mines and Geology is the Hon Jose Domingos Dias. The deputy minister is the Hon Moises Chingongo and the director of mines is Professor Mankenda Ambroise. The address is Rua Ho Chi Minh, Predio Geominas, PO Box 1260, Luanda, Angola.

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