Malawian mining is restricted to coal, mainly from the Mchenga mine. Malawi’s privatisation commission has announced that the government is seeking a partner to operate this mine. The commission estimates that mine has 2.3 million metric tons of reserves, with a further potential of about 20 million metric tons of coal deposits in the area. The mine currently produces about 90 000 metric tons a year.

Rareco negiotiated a joint venture agreement with Canadian junior mining company Caledonian to develop a new monazite deposit at Kangankunde in Malawi. Kangankunde contains large reserves of monazite and strongtiantite. Rareco will hold 50 per cent of the deposit and have exclusive rights to buy all mineral production.

The Malawian industry is regulated by The Ministry of Energy and Mines. The current Minister of Energy and Mines is Mr Rolf Patel.