In Africa nickel production remained above 80 900 t with South Africa contributing 50% and Zimbabwe and Botswana the rest. Similar to the other base metals, nickel is not a major mining product in Africa. Canada, Russia and Australia are the global leaders in nickel production. Nickel is mainly produced as a by-product from the Bushveld platinum mines in South Africa. Africa produces 70t of refined nickel, which represents only around 5% of global supply. Nickel is produced primarily from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. The advent of Pressure Acid Leaching (PAL) has resulted in several previously unexploitable ore deposits becoming viable. Africa has several viable lateritic nickel projects in Madagascar, Burundi and Cote de Ivoire.

Africa produces 42% of the world’s cobalt. Cobalt is produced primarily from the Zambian/DRC Copperbelt along with copper and as a by product of the Bushveld Platinum mines in South Africa. Uganda has some potential to develop some new nickel – cobalt deposits.

Mining Companies active
Anglo American and Avmin have a joint venture in the only primary nickel producer in South Africa, the Nkomati mine.

BCL, owned by Anglo American and the Botswana government, is active in Botswana and operates the Selebwi Pikwe mine.

Barrick is developing the Kabanga and Kagera nickel deposits in Tanzania, which are undergoing feasibility studies at present.

Anglo American is a major sharehodler in Bindura Nickel, Zimbabwe.

Falconbridge is a global nickel miner and explorer and has several operations in Canada, Latin American and Australia. Falconbridge is currently assessing deposits in Madagascar and Cote d’ Ivoire.

Banff Resources has a 63% share in Uganda’s Kasese Cobalt project. Austrian financial services firm MFC Bancorp have an 86% share in Banff. The project is anticipated to produce 100t/year of cobalt cathode.

Organisations (14)
African Consolidated Resources Plc, Anglo American Corporation Zimbabwe Ltd, Anglo Base Metals, Bamangwato Concessions Limited, Bindura Nickel Corporation Ltd, Chambishi Metals Plc, Compagnie de Tifnout Tiranimine, Kasese Cobalt Company Ltd, La Generale Des Carriers Et Des Mines, MSA Projects, Mwembeshi Resources Limited, Nkomati Mine, Tati Nickel Mining Company (Pty) Ltd, Zambezi Nickel Ltd :[ Add More ]

Facilities (641)
Abascis, Abore, Abu Dabbab, Adola, Afema, Afrika Mashariki Gold Mine, Afrikaner Lease, Agbaou, Agnes, Ahafo, Akka, Akoumape, Akouta, Akrokeri, Akwatia, Alamoutala, Alberta, Alpha Anthracite, Amandelbult, Ambatovy Mine :[ View All ]

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