Zimbabwe produced an estimated 9779 t of nickel in 2004 and 9 516 t in 2003 a 0% change from the year before. Cobalt production was estrimated at 78.55 t in 2003. Among the base metals exploited in Zimbabwe, nickel predominates in terms of value. With two operational nickel smelting and refining facilities and favourable geological conditions for the existence of nickel deposits investment into this area is being encouraged. Cobalt is produced as a by-product of nickel production.

Anglo American owns 53% of the Bindura Nickel Corporation (BNC) which consists of four mines, a smelter and refinery facilities. The Trojan mine has an expected life of mine of 14 years, whilst the Shangani and Madziwa mines have lives of five years and two years respectively, with the Epoch mine closed down in 1998 as well as the Madziwa which closed down at the end of 2000. The Trojan shaft has been deepened providing ore reserves until at least 2007. Resources below shaft bottom could extend the mine’s life until 2020, depending on economic viability.

The Zimbabwe government has acquired a 20% stake in Bindura Nickel from Anglo American for $US 12 million for resale to indigenous investors.

Rio Tinto Zimbabwe (RTZ) operates the Empressa nickel refinery near Eiffel flats in Zimbabwe. The refinery has the capacity to treat 18 000t of matte per year, producing nickel cathodes, copper cathodes and cobalt as a by product. Rio Tinto has a 56% interest in RTZ.

Organisations (3)
African Consolidated Resources Plc, Anglo American Corporation Zimbabwe Ltd, Bindura Nickel Corporation Ltd :[ Add More ]

Facilities (86)
Abascis, Alberta, Anzac, Arcturus, Babs, Beehive, Bindura, Black Dawn, Blanket, Blue Rock, Brompton mine, Bubi, Buchwa, Cam & Motor, Camperdown, Cherole, Connemara, Copper, Cygnet, Dalny Mine :[ View All ]

Participating Organisations
Anglo American plc

Rio Tinto Plc

Rio Tinto operates the Empress nickel refinery in Zimbabwe on a toll basis.

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