Uranium production ceased at the end of June 1999 after nearly 40 years of uninterrupted mining. The Comagnie des Mines d’Uranium de Franceville (Comuf), which is a 68% subsidiary of Cogema, France, announced that the Mounana Uranium Mine in the Haut Ogooue Province has ceased operations because reserves had been are all but depleted. Comilog, which exploits manganese nearby, will probably take over the Comuf uranium installations. However, the resources at Mikouloungou are estimated at 1.1 million tons that should see mining extended for a further year. Thereafter, production is expected to cease altogether.

As a result, Gabon’s uranium production has slumped by 60%, producing only 294 t uranium in 1999.

Organisations (2)
Comagnie des Mines d’Uranium de Franceville, Compagnie des Mines d’uranium de Franceville :[ Add More ]

Facilities (8)
Bakoudou, Belinga, Mabounie, Mikouloungou, Moanda, Mounana, Okla, Oklo Mine