Africa, particularly South Africa, is increasingly becoming one of the major automotive manufacturing centres of the world, producing high quality products at prices competitive with other automotive manufacturing and assembly centres, despite the distance from some of the major markets.

Autocluster Africa has joined forces with MBendi Information Services to provide an Internet based service for industry decision makers who can register to receive the Autocluster Africa Weekly Report by E-mail. The service aims to give companies a competitive advantage in pursuing the huge opportunities that exist in this sector worldwide.

Autocluster Africa is a leading automotive research partnership, while MBendi runs Africa’s premier business website, used by more than 300,000 people from around the world each month to identify and research African business opportunities.

Using the Service
Top decision makers tend to follow similar decision making processes, scanning the environment to stay abreast of the competition and identify business opportunities. Then they collect background information in order to do a scoping study. Finally, if the opportunity looks like a good one, the last step is to find more detailed information and the suppliers of goods and services who can make assist in making the project fly.

Autocluster Africa Weekly Report is an E-mail newsletter, integrated with a website, which keeps the decision maker up to speed with news, business opportunities and company press releases. The e-mail newsletter is a free service and you may view the latest issue before deciding to subscribe.

When the decision maker spots a potential business opportunity, a mouse click brings them through to the African Automotive Industry section of the MBendi website which contains extensive information on the automotive industry, initially just in South Africa, and in future across Africa. The decision maker can research profiles of the industry sectors or investigate databases of companies, organisations, industry personalities or projects.

Finally, if you need more detailed information, you can order the South African Automotive Yearbook online or request customised research.

The key to it all is finding the right information and resources efficiently and before the competition! That’s why Autocluster Africa and MBendi have brought you Autocluster Africa Weekly Report.

Free Weekly E-mail Newsletter
To subscribe to Autocluster Africa Weekly Report, simply click here. This is a free service and all that you will be required to do is fill in basic contact details as part of the registration process. The latest issue can be viewed by clicking here.

Using the Website
Navigation through this website is easy. The simplest way to find the information you are looking for is to type one or more keywords in the Search Box at the top right-hand corner of each page, and press enter. MBendi’s search facility will bring up a list of all pages related to your query.

Alternatively, a more structured approach is to use the drop-down menus at the top of the page. These provide lists of other topics related to the page that you are on at the time. You will be able to access more information on industries, countries, companies, personalities and projects that tie in with the page that you are on. Simply click ‘Go’ once you have selected an item from the drop-down menus and you will move through to the desired page.

Do you want to reach the people that count in the African Automotive industry?

You can use the advertising opportunities associated with African Automotive Decisions to reach key industry decision makers. This is a unique prospect for companies wanting to be seen in the African Automotive context.

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