Rwanda is a land-locked country in east Central Africa bordered by Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda. Serious political turmoil during the mid-1990’s devastated the country’s infrastructure which is slowly being rebuilt. Its main energy resources are hydro electric power and methane gas found along the borders of Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo. Although there are plans to build an inland methane gas plant, bilateral agreements have still to be negotiated with neighbouring countries.

Rwanda has no upstream oil industry or refinery activities. On the downstream side, it imports all of its commercial energy in the form of refined petroleum products from Kenya and Tanzania.

The industry is regulated by the Ministry of Public Works, Energy and Water. The petroleum division is controlled by the Ministry of Commerce and Consumption, which is responsible for setting the pricing policy of petroleum products.

Gasoline and diesel are the main products consumed. Traditional fuels, however, account for 90% of the country’s energy requirements because of the low income levels and the unpredictable supply of petroleum products.

Distribution and marketing of fuels products is carried out by ERP (Enterprise Rwandaise de Petrole), SGP (Societe Generale de Petrole), Rwanda Petrolgaz, PetroRwanda (bought out by Shell in June 1999), Engen and Shell.

Being landlocked, the country’s distribution infrastructure is mainly road, rail or air transport although pipelines are used for moving large volumes of petroleum. Despite being more expensive, road is the preferred form of transport due to the unreliability of alternative methods of transport and system inefficiencies.

Rwanda has five main storage facilities located at Gatsatsa and Butare with a total capacity of almost 15,000 cubic metres. Smaller facilities are located at Kigali and Giseny.

Only the prices of diesel and gasoline are fixed by the government. Other petroleum products are not controlled.

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BP Fina Rwanda SARL, BP-Fina Rwanda, Electrogaz, Engen Petroleum Rwanda S.A., Enterprise Rwandaise de Petrole, Petro Rwanda, Rwanda Petrolgaz, Societe Generale de Petrole :[ Add More ]

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