The Société Gabonaise de Raffinage (Sogara) refinery at Port Gentil, is a topping and reforming refinery with a nameplate distillation capacity of 1050 ktonnes per annum (21,000 bpd), though operation tends to be around 82% of rated capacity. The refinery, originally opened in 1967, is owned by the Gabonese government (25%) and Elf(21.83%), Total (19%), Mobil , Shell, Texaco, Fina, Agip (6,25% each) and others (9.17%). Elf operates the refinery which is the sole source of supply to Gabon.

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In April 2003 the Nigeria-São Tomé & Príncipe Joint Development Authority (JDA) invited tenders for the award of acreage in the deep offshore ‘Joint Development Zone’. CWC Associates are delighted to announce the following JDA roadshow events: London (19-20.Jun.2003) and Houston (23-24.Jun.2003). Headed by the JDA, these events will provide vital information and networking opportunities for companies interested in posting competitive tenders for blocks in the Joint Development Zone.