The government of Liberia is giving priority to the development of the local tourism industry so that the country can win its fair share of the millions of visitors each year from around the world who want to experience first hand some of the very special places that abound on the African continent.

The tourism industry in Liberia is serviced by both local and international operators. The capital city is served by international airlines. Some airports also provide charter services allowing visitors to access remote parts of the country not serviced by scheduled airlines. While the cost of getting to Liberia from Europe, Asia or America is relatively high, local travel costs range from very cheap to deluxe on international scales. International car rental companies are represented.

Some of the large American and European hotel chains have a foothold in Liberia. Standards of establishments and service range from international six star ratings to, quite simply, primitive. New tourism and leisure facilities are being developed. Liberia has diplomatic representation from several countries.

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