Background Brief
The facts:

|> Presently:
South African WORLD WIDE WEALTH and OUTWARD INVESTMENT is a multi billion dollar industry.
A substantial base of legitimate clients retain funds “offshore” or are involved in OUTWARD INVESTMENT ventures.
Competition for these clients’ portfolios has increased with “foreign” entrants competing with local experts for custom.
South African private and corporate clients have a wider choice of financial products and services than ever before.
Growth of the industry can be judged by the number of new practitioners who have entered the market to take advantage of this growing sector.
|> Post exchange control:
South African private and corporate clients can expect an increase in the competition for their portfolios.
The number of private and business clients wishing to utilise offshore products and invest in foreign currency generating enterprises could substantially increase.
As the market opens, clients will expect an ever higher level of service and performance from their professional adviser.

Introduction to Intam
INTAM has been launched in 1997 to meet a recognised need for a forum for professionals from South Africa and abroad to communicate with each other. These are the experts who manage South African private and corporate clients’ WORLD WIDE WEALTH and OUTWARD INVESTMENT requirements.

Members are highly qualified and drawn from legal and accounting backgrounds in the private and corporate sector including banking, insurance and related professions, and include some of the most senior practitioners in the industry.

INTAM has no boundaries with input from South Africa, America and Canada, the Far East and Asia, Europe and Australia and all major offshore jurisdictions.

Management. INTAM is steered by the founder members with administration and coordination provided by Van der Hoven & Associates (Incorporated in the United Kingdom No.: 3122747) who publish the quarterly journal. The agenda is set by members by consensus through surveys within the publication and by their submissions.

Our aims for 1997 are to bring members together through the journal, seminars, lectures and dinners within South Africa and abroad to discuss and exchange information experience and knowledge, thereby benefiting from making contacts within the industry.

At the end of 1997, we will publish a directory of practitioners to allow members and non-members access to a comprehensive database of highly qualified expertise from within South Africa and abroad.

Members will also have access to an online database of international and offshore companies, their experts, their products and services, which can be accessed via EMail and prospectively, the Internet. This service will provide the newsletter forum keeping members up to date on issues and events. Members will also have access to external market intelligence reports, publications and events which INTAM can make available at discounted cost.

INTAM is a non profit, cooperative venture.

INTAM publishes information on:

Changes in international and offshore legislation, and analyses thereof.
International investment products and opportunities including amongst others, property, various funds and privatisations.
Offshore products and services including company formations, trusts, captive insurance and other tools of the offshore trade.
Tax structuring and reviews on key jurisdictions.
Events relevant to your business.

Subscription Form for International Account Manager (Intam)
We recommend the following procedure for sending the INTAM subscription form to us:

Use your web browser’s “Print” function to print a copy of the subscription form
Fill in your details on the INTAM subscription form you just printed
Make out a cheque payable to VAN DER HOVEN & ASSOCIATES for the required amount
Post the form with your cheque to:
Should you not be able to print this form, please contact us with a request to fax or post a hard copy of the subscription form to you.

Contact Information
Organisation: Van der Hoven & Associates Limited
Postal Address:
12 Bankside
Hampshire SO41 8YF

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