The Knysna Oyster Company (Proprietary) Limited was founded on 26 July 1949. The principal share holders were Thesen & Company (Pty) Ltd and the  Fisheries Development Corporation.

Since as early as 1949 the Knysna Oyster Company has been titillating gastronomes from all over the world by cultivating the Finest oysters on our beds in the pristine Knysna River Estuary. That’s over 54 years experience in producing the tastiest oysters in the land!
Oysters, best known for their reputed aphrodisiac powers, have been a favourite of food lovers throughout the centuries, beginning with the Roman Emperors who paid for them by their weight in gold…

The Memorandum of Association states one of the objects for which the Company was established as:

“To establish and promote … the cultivation and growth of oyster beds and oysters in South African waters.”

This the Company has done with great success, and today it stands proud as the oldest and biggest oyster farm in South Africa, a testimony to the spirit of adventure of the founding members.

It all started in 1946 when Mr. Bright, a retired wine merchant, investigated the possibility of setting up an oyster farm in the Knysna River Estuary. It had never been attempted in South Africa before, even though the cultivation of oysters was a common practice in Europe.

Through the influences of Mr. Spooner (General Manager of the Fisheries Development Corporation) enough basic knowledge was attained to motivate the starting of a business. The relationship that started there lasted for more than twenty five years. In the late 1970’s both the Fisheries Development Corporation and Thesen & Company (Pty) Ltd sold their shares to a consortium of private owners.

Since then the Company has changed hands on a number of occasions, with the current owner (Mr. V. Rice) taking ownership in September 1999.

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