Location and Size

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is bordered by the Red Sea to the west, the Arabian Gulf and the United Arab Emirates to the east, Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait lie to the north, with Yemen and Oman to the south.
  • Saudi Arabia covers an area of ± 2,15 million km².
  • The Kingdom is divided into 13 provinces, which are each headed by a Governor who has been appointed by the King.

Principal Commercial Centres

  • Jeddah is the principal commercial centre and port on the Red Sea and also the gateway for pilgrims.
  • Dammam and Ras Tanura are the principal ports on the Arabian Gulf.
  • Makkah is another centre for trade.
  • Makkah and Madina are restricted to Muslims only.
  • Other centres include Riyadh, At-Ta’if, Al-Madinah (Medina), Hufuf, Yanbu and Jubail.

Weights and Measures

The metric system is utilised.