General Information
Capital(s): Canberra
Population: 19,900,000 (2003)
Area: 7,682,400 Km²
Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)

Time Zone: GMT+11h00
ISO Code: AU
Dialing Code: +61
Continent: Australasia

International Trade
Australia is a member of the International Convention to Facilitate the Importation of Commercial Samples and Advertising and the main export commodities are alcohols, animal feed, automotive components, boats, cereals, coal, confectionery, crude oil, dairy products, dried fruit, fruit, gold, herbs and spices and iron ore. Australia’s major imports include animals, capital goods, chemical products, computers, consumer goods, crude oil, energy, food ingredients, fuel, industrial products, machinery and miscellaneous manufactured goods.

Australia and New Zealand share a free trade zone under the Closer Economic Relations (CER) agreement whereby all goods originating in each market enjoy duty-free access to the market. This includes conformity of standards and access to government tenders. Being established in the Australian market eases entry into the New Zealand market and vice versa. There is a Free Trade Zone in Darwin, Australia.