Information profiles are available for the following business people and other personalities active in Africa. This page contains names beginning ‘Sh’…’Tl’. To see others, please use the alpha-index to select the appropriate starting point.

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¹Mr Senzenjani Shabalala, Minister of Natural Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources, Land Utilization and Energy, Swaziland
¹Mr Mandla Shabangu, Chairperson, Labat Africa Ltd, South Africa
²Honorable Susan Shabangu, Director, Montsi and Associates, South Africa
¹Mr GN Shaff, Director, Carrig Diamonds Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr PM Shaff, Director, Carrig Diamonds Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr A Shah, Chairperson, Trust Bank (Kenya) Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr Jitendra Shah, Managing Director, Oil Seals & Bearings Centre Ltd, Kenya
¹Dr JN Shah, Managing Director, Trufoods Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr Prem Shah, Managing Director, Coopers & Lybrand Services (Pty) Ltd (Botswana), Botswana
¹Mr PK Shah, Managing Director, Guilders International Bank Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr PL Shah, Chairperson, Bearings House (1985) Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr Sanjeev Shah, Contact Person, Midco Textiles (EA) Ltd., Kenya
¹Mr Susmit Shah, Managing Director, Western Minerals NL
¹Mr Sailesh Shah, Managing Director, Uchumi Supermarket Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr Suleiman Shahbal, Managing Director, Trifoil Petroleum (K) Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr Rashid Ahmad Shaikh, Chairperson, Tariq Rashid Textile Mills Ltd
¹Mr Kevin Shames, Chief Executive Officer, Mercury Group, South Africa
¹Mr C Shamu, Marketing Manager North, Pigott Maskew (Pvt) Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Nathan Shamuyarira, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Government of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe
¹Mr R Shannon, General Manager, International Stevedoring (Pty) Ltd, Namibia
¹Dr Moustafa Sharawy, Chairperson, Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, Egypt
¹Mr Aneesh Sharma, Contact Person, Business de Surveillance
¹Mr Ernie Shaw, Director, Trafalgar House Construction, Ghana
¹Mr Henry Shaw, Chairperson, TA Bank of South Africa Limited, South Africa
¹Mr Peter Shaw, Chief Executive, Ukukhanya Technologies, South Africa
¹Mr Rob Shaw, Contact Person, Brubin Engineering, South Africa
¹Mr Ahmed Shawky, Chairperson, Crédit International d’Egypte, Egypt
¹Mr RB Shead, Chief Executive Officer, East Daggafontein Mines Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr TJ Sheehan, Managing Director, Smithkline Beecham Nigeria Plc, Nigeria
¹Mr MT Sheha, Director, Bwana Oga Enterprises, Tanzania
¹Mr Koshita Sheng’amo, High Commissioner, Zambian High Commission, Namibia
¹Mr John Shepherd, Chairperson, Diversified Mineral Resources NL
¹Mr R Shepherd, Managing Director, Carbacid Investments Co Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr BH Sheppy, Executive Director, Netcare Healthcare Holdings Limited, South Africa
¹Mr AI Sher, Managing Director, The Don Group Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr SM Sher, Deputy Chairperson, Aukland Health Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Abdurczak Sherif, General Manager, Ethiopian Commodities Pvt Ltd Co, Ethiopia
¹Mr MMA Sheriff, Managing Director, Savannah Bank of Nigeria Plc, Nigeria
¹Ms Miatta Edith Sherman, Managing Director, National Insurance Corporation of Liberia, Liberia
¹Mr M Sherriff, Managing Director, Labelpak cc, South Africa
¹Mr JA Sherry, Chairperson, Jasco Electronics Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Dr J Shevel, Chief Executive Officer, Network Healthcare Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Ashwin Shiba, Sales Manager, Salchain, South Africa
¹Mr Craig Shiel, General Manager (North), Zambezi Ranching and Cropping, Zambia
¹Mr Yosuke Shiino, Managing Director, Komatsu Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr William Ferdinand Shija, Minister of Industries and Trade, Government of Tanzania, Tanzania
¹Mr Henry Shikopa, Chairperson, Tamba Limited, Zambia
¹Mr Louis Shill, Chairperson, Sage Group Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Sam Shilowa, General Secretary, Congress of South African Trade Unions, South Africa


¹Mr DS Shimwino, Managing Director, Namibia Protection Services and Springbok Patrols Namibia, Namibia
¹Mr Manoj Shinde, Contact Person, Exim Securities and Investments Company Ltd, Tanzania
¹Mr N Shipanga, Managing Director, Punyu Group, Namibia
¹Dr PT Shipoh, Managing Director, Transnamib Holdings Ltd, Namibia
¹Mr Ron Shires, Managing Director, Atlantis Diesel Engines (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Sosteen Shirima, Managing Director, Sossy Traders, Tanzania
¹Ms J Shityuwete, Contact Person, Voluntary Service Overseas, Namibia
¹Mr Mocks Shivute, Editor-in-Chief, Namibia Press Agency, Namibia
¹Mr EA Shonekan, Chairperson, United Africa Company of Nigeria, Nigeria
¹Mr Isaac Shongwe, Managing Director, Letsema Consulting (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr AKR Shoredits, Chairperson, Shoredits Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Dr B Shuaib, Chairperson, Impresit Bakolori Plc, Nigeria
¹Mr SC Shub, Chairperson, African & Overseas Enterprises Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr KC Shubane, Chairperson (Non-Exec.), Whetstone Industrial Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr S Shukla, Managing Director, Berger Paints, Uganda
¹Mr M Shuwa, Chairperson, International Merchant Bank Limited, Nigeria
¹Dr Abdi Siad, Managing Director, Afminex (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Amjad Hussain Sial, First Secretary, Pakistani High Commission, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Gibson Sibanda, President, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Thabo Sibeko, Director, Kuyasa Mining (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Gordon Sibiya, Chairman, South African Bureau of Standards, South Africa
¹Mr Kerry Walter Sibraa, High Commissioner, Australian High Commission, Zimbabwe
¹Mr M Sidibe, Managing Director, Banque Centrale des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, Mali
¹Mr Mohamed Sidky, General Manager, Middle East Bank Limited, Egypt
¹Mr PL Siele, Chairperson, Botswana Co-operative Bank Ltd, Botswana
¹Ms Stella Sigcau, Minister of Public Works, Department of Public Works, South Africa
¹Mr Paul Sigsworth, Group Chief Exec Officer, Bard Holdings, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Sizakhele Sigxashe, Director General, Department of Intelligence, South Africa
¹Mr MP Sihna, Manager, Bank of Botswana, Botswana
¹HE Anastacio Ruben Sikato, Minister of Health, Ministry of Health, Mozambique
¹Mr Jacob John Sikazwe, Managing Director, BP Namibia (Pty) Ltd, Namibia
¹Mr Lawrence Sikutwa, Managing Director, Madison Insurance, Zambia
¹Mr Odjahan Silalahi, Charge d’Affaires, Indonesian Embassy, Namibia
¹Mr Amilcar S Azevedo Silva, Chairperson, Banco de Poupanca e Crédito (Save & Credit Bank), Angola
¹Mr COI Silva, Managing Director, West African Provincial Insurance Company Plc, Nigeria
¹Mr A Silverman, Managing Director, WB Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr R Silverman, Chairperson (Non-Exec.), WB Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr J Silvester, Chairperson, Dunlop Kenya Ltd, Kenya
¹Ms Sarah Silvester, Contact Person, Warner International Export & Market Research
¹Mr Eric Silwamba, Presidential Affairs Minister, Government of Zambia, Zambia
¹Mr Hamish Sim, Executive Vice President, International Trust Company of Liberia, Liberia
¹HE Leonardo Simão, Government Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation, Mozambique
¹Mr Iddi Simba, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Government of Tanzania, Tanzania
¹Mr JPN Simba, Chairperson (Exec.), National Bank of Kenya Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr Joseph Simbakalia, MD & CEO, National Development Corporation, Tanzania
¹Mr Carlos Simbine, Chairperson, Forjadora SARL – Fabrica Mocambicana de Equipamentos Industriais, Mozambique
¹Mr W Simeoni, Group Managing Director, Frame Group Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr MH Simms, Chairperson (Non-Exec.), Amalgamated Beverage Industries Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Derrick Simoko, General Secretary, South African Railway and Harbour Workers Union, South Africa

²Mr David Simon
¹Mr Larry Simons, Managing Director, Boymans Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr AJ Simpson, Director, Rhombus Vanadium Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Barry Simpson, Contact Person, Abmark, South Africa
¹Mr Mike Simpson, Contact Person, Refractory Fibre & Anchor Systems, South Africa
¹Mr Rory Simpson, Managing Director, Lever Brothers Zambia, Zambia
¹Mr Duncan Simpson-Craib, Joint Managing Director, New Africa Technology Holdings, South Africa
¹M Mathias Sinamenye, Governor, Banque de la Republique du Burundi, Burundi
¹Mr Charles Sinclair, Chairperson, US-Botswana Business Council, Botswana
¹Mr JM Sinclair, Chairperson (Non-Exec.), Murray & Roberts (Zimbabwe) Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Nigel Sinclair Thomson, Contact Person, Meridian Healthcare (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Gaspard Sindayigaya, President Directeur General, Banque Nationale pour le Developpement Economique SARL, Burundi
¹Mr Swarn Singh Sodi, Managing Director, Trackspa Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr M Sinivasan, Chairperson (Non-Exec.), Coastal Group Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Van Sinnott, Managing Director, Sentrachem Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr MK Sio, Chairperson, Trans-National Bank Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr Stuart Sisson, Sales Manager, Precast Concrete Industries, Namibia
¹Ms Sheila Sisulu, Ambassador, South African Embassy in the United States of America
¹Mr Jan Sithole, Secretary, Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions, Swaziland
¹Mr Ketane Sithole, Chief Executive Officer, Botswana Power Corporation, Botswana
¹Mr P Sithole, Managing Director, ZSR Corporation Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Peter Skeat, Managing Director, The Afrikander Lease Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Eric Skeen, Contact Person, Northwest Communications CC, South Africa
¹Dr JB Skeen, Managing Director, Kynoch Feeds (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Wayne Skews, Contact Person, Sweet Thorn Studios cc, South Africa
¹Mr Steve Skhosana, President, National African Federation of Chambers of Commerce, South Africa
¹Mr JH Skogen, General Manager, Norsk Hydro Egypt, Egypt
¹Mr Bobby Skok, Chairperson, SA Machine Tool Association, South Africa
¹Mr Ben Skosana, Minister of Correctional Services, Department of Correctional Services, South Africa
¹Mr Bones Skulu, General Secretary, South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union, South Africa
¹Advocate TL Skweyija SC, Chairman, Worldwide Africa Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Dr Zola Skweyiya, Government Minister, Department of Welfare and Population Development, South Africa
¹Mr Gerard Slabbert, Chairman, Prime Cure, South Africa
¹Mr HR Slack, Chief Executive Officer, Minorco Societé Anonyme, South Africa
¹Mr Neil Slade, Managing Director, Agriflora Ltd, Zambia
¹Mr WFGL Slieker, Managing Director, Supreme Spring Systems (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Ahmed Slimi, Chief Interpreter, Associated Interpreters, Morocco
¹Ms Jamila Slimi, Contact Person, Cabinet de Traduction Jamila Slimi, Morocco
¹Mr R Slogrove, Managing Director, BASF SA (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr S Slom, Director, FS Group Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr JC Small, Managing Director, EA Packaging Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr WK Smart, Chairperson, Border Timbers Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mme Naïma Smires, Representative, Gras Savoye Morocco, Morocco
¹Mr Alwyn Smit, Managing Director, Decillion Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr I Smit, Managing Director, Phenix SA (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
²Mr Bernard Smith, Chairperson (Exec.), Saldahna Steel (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr CJ Smith, Managing Director, National Development Bank Ltd, Sierra Leone
²Mr Desmond Smith, Chairperson (Non-Exec.), Plexus Holdings, South Africa
¹Mr DC Smith, Chairperson (Non-Exec.), Central African Building Society, Zimbabwe

¹Mr Fanie Smith, Managing Director, CIC Holdings Limited, Namibia
¹Mr G Smith, Managing Director, Caltex Oil Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Hannes Smith, Editor, Windhoek Observer, The, Namibia
¹Mr Hans Smith, Chairperson (Exec.), Iscor Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Ian Smith, Managing Director, International Marine Insurance Managers SA (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr J Smith, Managing Director, Lonrho (Malawi) Ltd, Malawi
¹Mr JA Smith, Managing Director, Wetherlys Investment Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr JE Smith, Managing Director, Zimbabwe Sun Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mr JP Smith, Director, Johnson Matthey (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr M Smith, Director, Noble House, South Africa
¹Mr Mark Smith, Chairperson & Chief Executive Officer, Interconnective Solutions Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr MJ Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Set Point Technology Holdings, South Africa
¹Mr Mike Smith, Chairperson, Kynoch Feeds (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr ND Smith, Managing Director, Filpro (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Peter Smith, Managing Director, Nalco-Chemserve, South Africa
¹Mr Richard Smith, Managing Director, Proudfoot South Africa (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Stuart Smith, Managing Director, Benguela Concessions Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr SG Smith, Chairperson, Carbacid Investments Co Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr T Smith, Managing Director, Rockham Industries (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr W Smith, Chairperson, Public Relations Institute of Southern Namibia, Namibia
¹Mr Jim Smitherman, Vice-President, Ocean Energy
¹Mr RV Smithers, Managing Director, ICS Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr JG Smithies, Director, SWAKI (Pty) Ltd, Swaziland
¹Mr MJ Smithyman, Chief Executive Officer, Waco International Ord, South Africa
¹Mr RJ Smithyman, Director, Interleisure Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr MD Smullen, Chief Executive Officer, Buildmax Ltd, South Africa
¹Ms Sigridur Asdis Snaevarr, Ambassador, Icelandic Embassy
¹Mr P Sneddon, Director, Darmag Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr CR Sneider, Chief Executive Officer, Renaissance Retail Group, South Africa
¹Mr SG Snowden, Managing Director, Gypsum Industries Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Andre Snyman, Chairperson, Hotel Association of Namibia, Namibia
¹Mr HA Snyman, Managing Director, Gemtec (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Paul Snyman, Financial Director, Billiton, South Africa
¹Dr ABO Soboyejo, Chairperson, Afroil Plc, Nigeria
¹Mr DR Soden, Managing Director, Stateline Pressed Metal (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Chief John Sodipo, Chairperson, Alcatel Kabelmetal Nigeria Plc, Nigeria
¹Mr Jorge Soeiro, Director, Mocambique-Industrial, SARL, Mozambique
¹Mr Benno Soeter, Managing Director, Leyland Daf Malawi, Malawi
¹Ms Tami Sokutu, Director General of Public Works, Department of Public Works, South Africa
¹Mr AY Solate, Company Secretary, PZ Industries Ltd, Nigeria
¹Mr GJ Soll, Deputy Chairman & Managing Director, Clientele Life Assurance Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Jeremiah Solomon, Proprietor, Solomon & Company Ltd, Tanzania
¹Mr Ketan Somala, Managing Director, Union Bank of Mauritius, Mauritania
¹Mr Aubrey Somana, Managing Director, Nala Mining (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr ML Somen, Chairperson, Marshalls (East Africa) Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr O Somolu, Chairperson, West African Portland Cement Company Plc, Nigeria
¹Mr Crispin Sonn, Vice-President, CapeStar Growth Investment Ltd, South Africa
²Mr Franklin Sonn, Chairperson (Exec.), CapeStar Growth Investment Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Kenneth Sonnekus, General Manager, Companhia Industrial Do Matola, Mozambique

¹Mr Aubrey Sonnenberg, Managing Director, Aon Consulting South Africa (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Martin Sop, Contact Person, GIC Terrespoir Cameroun, Cameroon
¹Mr Ben Soraci, Managing Director, Mobil Oil Kenya, Kenya
¹Mr L Sore, Managing Director, Société Africaine de Pneumatiques, Burkina Faso
¹Ms Marie-Antoinette Sorgho-Sery, Director, Dabhire Sorgho & Toe, Burkina Faso
¹Mr Ahmed Sorour, People’s Assembly Speaker, Government of Egypt, Egypt
¹Mme Angèle Soudre, President, Caisse Nationale de Crédit Agricole du Burkina, Burkina Faso
²Mr Mohamed Souidi
¹Mr LC Soulo, Chairperson, Umtha Welanga Entertainment Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Andre Soumah, Managing Director, Audit Control and Expertise
¹Mr Ibrahim Soumah , President, Banque Internationale pour le Commerce et l’Industrie de la Guinée, Guinea
¹Mr A Souna, Managing Director, Société Nigerienne de Produits Petroliers SA, Niger
¹Mr CCJ Sounes, Managing Director, Thebe Hosken Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr PF Southern, Chairperson, George Wimpey & Co (Nigeria) Ltd, Nigeria
³Mr Victor Southwell, Director, Cliffe Dekker Fuller Moore Inc., South Africa
¹Miss Aissatou Sow, Business Development Manager, Goree Institute, Senegal
¹Mr Yerim Sow, Managing Director, Telecel de Loteny, Côte d’Ivoire
¹Mr AW Sowah, Chief Executive Officer, Coopers & Lybrand Associates Ltd, Zambia
¹Mr Pierre Soyer, Managing Director, BP Fina Rwanda SARL, Rwanda
¹Mr Martin Spahl, Snr. Facilties Engineer, Deminex (Egypt), Egypt
¹Mr HS Spain, Chief Executive Officer, Log-Tek Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr RB Spanjaard, Managing Director, Sovereign Food Investments Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr R Spargo, Contact Person, Valor Central Co-Operative Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Julius Spencer, Minister of Information, Government of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone
¹Mr MW Spicer, Director, Southern Life Association Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr P Spicer, Director, Chancery Investments Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr Jo Spieth, Marketing: Carbo-Tar, Sasol Chemical Industries Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr DC Spindler, Director, Consol Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr TV Spindler, Director, Eastern Transvaal Consolidated Mines Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr AF Spinnier, Managing Director, Roche Nigeria Ltd, Nigeria
¹HE Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Government Minister, Ministry of Communications, Ghana
¹Mr Christopher Sporberg, Chairperson, Conservation Corporation Africa Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Andrew Sprague, Joint Managing Director, AMB Private Equity Partners, South Africa
¹Mr Andrew Springate, Chief Executive Officer, Radiospoor Telecommunications, South Africa
¹Mr PA Springett, Chairperson (Non-Exec.), Global Technology Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr GN Sproule, Director, Gentyre Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Terry Spurling, Managing Director, Cadbury Ghana Ltd, Ghana
¹Mr Peter Spyres, General Manager, Electro-Spyres Medical Products, South Africa
¹Mr RC Squire-Howe, Chairperson, Ovbel Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Peter Squires, Managing Director, Ellerines, South Africa
¹Mr Sam Sridhar, Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Group Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Nagarajan Srinivasan, General Manager, Industrial Credit Co Ltd, Zambia
¹Mr Gerald Ssendaula, Minister of Finance Planning & Economic Developmen, Government of Nigeria, Nigeria
¹Mr Charles St Claire, Director, Interkiln Projects, Botswana
¹Mr M Staal, Contact Person, Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, South Africa
¹Mr Anthony Stacey, Business Development Manager, Anglo American Technical Services, South Africa
¹Mr HB Stacey, Chairperson, Vierfontein Colliery Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr R Stadler, Contact Person, Pep Namibia Holdings Ltd, Namibia
¹Mr Mike Staegemann, Director, Importers Tea & Coffee, South Africa

¹Mr Paul Staegemann, Director, Importers Tea & Coffee, South Africa
¹Mr Anthony Stafford, Managing Director, Satellite Data Networks, South Africa
¹Ms Carlotta Stafford, Export Manager, MBT South Africa (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Ms M Stainton, Contact Person, Namibia Estate Agents Board, Namibia
¹Dr Timothy Stamps, Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, Zimbabwe
¹Mr L Stanca, Director, IBM South Africa Group Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr MA Stange, Chairperson, The House of Busby Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Aaron Stanger, Chief Executive Officer, Explorer Corporation Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr PJ Stanning, Chairperson, Limuru Tea Co Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr MIC Stark, Managing Director, Feltex Automotive Products (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr C Stassen, Chairperson, Cashbuild Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Peter Staude, Managing Director, Hulett Aluminium (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr N Stavrakis, Managing Director, Southern Platreef Mining Company Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr PL Steenkamp, Chairperson, Standard Chartered Bank of Botswana Ltd, Botswana
¹Mr TI Steenkamp, Director, Bracken Mines Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Mike Stefanski, Managing Director, Associated Computer Solutions, South Africa
¹Mr Guentzer Steffens, Representative, Dresdner Bank AG, South Africa
²Dr Johannes Stegmann
¹Mr Brian Steiger, Director, Namchem, Namibia
¹Dr Alan Stein, MD and Exploration Director, Fusion Oil & Gas NL
¹Mr GH Stein, Chairperson, Bolton Industrial Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Roy Steiner, Contact Person, Cyberplex Africa, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Mark Steinhobel, Chairperson, VWV Group (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Bruno Steinhoff, Chairperson, Steinhoff International Holdings, South Africa
¹Ms R Steinman, Director, Law Society of Namibia, Namibia
¹Mr Daan Steinmann, Editor, Namibia Economist, Namibia
¹Mr Anthony Stephens, Chairperson, Rank Xerox (U) Ltd, Uganda
¹Mr AJ Stephens, Managing Director, Rank Xerox Kenya Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr Jeanne Stephens, Managing Director, Austral SARL, Mozambique
¹Mr Russell Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, Add-Ventures, South Africa
¹Mr CW Steward, Managing Director, Echlin Charger Manufacturing Co. (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Geoff Stewart, Managing Director, Afrika Mashariki Gold Mines Ltd
¹Mr Hamish Stewart, Contact Person, Argyll Consultants Limited, Kenya
¹Mr JG Stewart, Director, Automakers SA Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr R Stewart, Director, Noble House, South Africa
¹Mr SN Stewart, Managing Director, The Appleton Group Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Colin Steyn, Managing Director, Barprop Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr HG Stier, Managing Partner, Price Waterhouse (Namibia), Namibia
¹Mr Antony Peter Stiles, Contact Person, Automobile Association, South Africa
¹Mr PG Still, Managing Director, World Educational Technologies Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Robert Still, Chief Executive Officer, Southern Mining Corporation Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr JH Stobbs, Managing Director, Portland Holdings Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Ron Stockdale, Chairman and Managing Director, Lesotho Textiles (Pty) Ltd, Lesotho
¹Mr EJ Stoddard, Managing Director, Mashonaland Holdings Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Cobus Stofberg, Chief Executive Officer, MIH Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr JDT Stofberg, Managing Director, MIH Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr RV Stöhr, Director, Everite Group Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Neil Stokes, General Manager, Multichoice Africa Limited, South Africa
¹Mr Christopher Stone, Director General, Hunt Oil Company Madagascar, Madagascar

¹Mrs Janet Stoner, Vice-President, Texaco
¹Ms M Stoop, Secretary, Namibia Institute of Architects, Namibia
¹Ms S Storm, Chief Executive Officer, Namibian Professional Hunting Association, Namibia
¹Mr EHJ Stoyell, Managing Director, Duiker Mining Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Bruce Stratton, Managing Director, BS-Euro Consult
¹Mr John Stratton, Chairperson, Continental Goldfields Ltd
¹Dr Conrad Strauss, Chairperson, Standard Bank Investment Corporation Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr HC Strauss, Managing Director, JD Group Ltd, South Africa
¹Adv JC Strauss, Chairperson & Chief Executive Officer, Roadcorp Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr A Strawson, Managing Director, Nigeria-German Chemicals Plc, Nigeria
¹Mr Charles Stride, Chairperson, Magnum Global Funds SA, South Africa
¹Mr CJ Stride, Chief Executive Officer, E-Data Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Ron Stringfellow, Chairperson, OK Bazaars, South Africa
¹Mr Frans Stroebel, Managing Director, Stellenbosch Farmers’ Winery Group Ltd, South Africa
¹Ms Ulla Ström, Ambassador, Swedish Embassy, Namibia
¹Mr Ronnie Struiver, Contact Person, Afribore, South Africa
¹Mr Bertus Struwig, Managing Director, NMA Healthcare Namibia, Namibia
¹Mr PJ Strydom, General Manager, Meat Board of Namibia, Namibia
¹Mr JP Stucken, Chairperson, Gubb & Inggs Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Robert Stumbles, Senior Partner, Sacranie, Gow & Co, Malawi
¹Mr Nick Stump, Chief Executive Officer, Mim Holdins Ltd
¹Mr J Sturgeon, Chairperson (Non-Exec.), Teltron Ltd, South Africa
¹Mrs A Sturino, Partner, BP Bernstein, South Africa
¹Mr Jan-Willem Sudmann, Contact Person, Dresdner Bank AG, Egypt
¹Mr Ahmed Sufian, Minister of Finance, Government of Ethiopia, Ethiopia
¹Mr Adedotun Sulaiman, Managing Partner, Arthur Andersen & Co, Nigeria
¹Mr Ibrahim Suleiman, Minister of Housing,Utilities and New Communities, Government of Egypt, Egypt
¹M Osman Ahmed Suleiman, President, Banque Al Baraka Djibouti, Djibouti
¹Mr Moosa Suleman, Contact Person, Springbok Enterprises, South Africa
¹Mr Osman Sultan, Chief Executive Officer, MobiNil, Egypt
¹Mr SR Summers, Chief Executive Officer, Pick ‘n Pay Stores Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr E Sunde, Director, Everite Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr CL Sunter, Chairperson, Eastvaal Gold Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Peter Surgey, Managing Director, Plascon (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr E Suruma, Chairperson, Uganda Commercial Bank Ltd, Uganda
¹Dr Mohamed Iqbal Surve, Chief Executive Officer, Sekunjalo Investments Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr ID Sussman, Chairperson, JD Group Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr C Sutterman, General Manager, TRW Occupant Restraints South Africa Inc., South Africa
¹Mr PP Sutton, General Manager, SL Breweries, Sierra Leone
¹Mr WJ Swain, Managing Director, Commercial Finance Company Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Eddie Swanepoel, Production Manager, Mmakau Mining (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Gary Swanepoel, Director, B&W; Electrical, South Africa
¹Mr Jurie Swanepoel, Contact Person, Lodicon cc, South Africa
¹Mr ZB Swanepoel, Chief Executive Officer, Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr BJ Swart, Director, Southern Life Association Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr CP Swart, Chief Executive Officer, Terexko Ltd, South Africa
³Mr Dawid Swart, Executive Director, Institute of People Management, South Africa
¹Mr JV Swart, Director, Bico Trading (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Mike Swatton, Contact Person, Integrated Project Services, Madagascar

¹Mr RT Swemmer, Director, Gascor, South Africa
¹Mr A Swimmer, Managing Director, Top Form Packaging (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Hon. Dr. Syamukayumbu Syamujaye, Minister for Mines and Mineral Development, Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development, Zambia
¹Mr R Sykes, Managing Director, Studio Press (Nigeria) Plc, Nigeria
¹Mr M Sylla, Director General, Centre for Mining Promotion and Development, Guinea
¹Mr RM Szymonowicz, Managing Director, Associated Automotive Distributors (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Ta-Nguyen, Ambassador, Vietnamese Embassy, Angola
¹Mr M Taback, Director, Duiker Mining Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Muris Tabakovic, Chief Executive Officer, Stella Vista Technology Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr ACB Taberer, Chairperson, Tabex Holdings Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mr RA Tade, Managing Director, Livestock Feeds Plc, Nigeria
¹Prof Louise Tager, Chairperson, Transnet, South Africa
¹Mr MJ Tagg, Director, Gold Fields Coal Ltd, South Africa
¹Hon Y Tahiri, Minister for Energy and Mines, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Morocco
¹Mr K Taibu, Managing Director, Banque Commerciale Zairoise SARL, Democratic Republic of Congo
¹Mr Alan Tait, Contact Person, Pragma (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹HE Carlos Taju, Secretary General, Council of Ministers, Mozambique
¹Mr Isaac Takawira, Managing Director, Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mr George Talbot, Chairperson, Maxtec Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Hennie Taljaard, General Manager, Airports Company of South Africa Limited, South Africa
¹Mr Renier Taljaard, Managing Director, Harvest Reinsurance Company of Namibia Ltd, Namibia
¹Mr Fonn Tan, Sales Manager, Sasol Chemicals Pacific Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr AK Tandoh, Managing Director, Ashanti Furniture Co Ltd, Ghana
¹M Francois Tankpinou, President, Bank of Africa, Benin
¹Mr AA Tannor , Managing Director, Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd, Ghana
¹Mr Rahul Taparia Taparia, Contact Person, Wintech Taparia Ltd
¹Mr NA Tappin, Managing Director, Chemical and Allied Products Company Ltd, Nigeria
¹Mr Andre Tarallo, Chairperson, Elf Gabon, Gabon
¹Mr Tarplee, Chief Executive Officer, Kakuzi Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr FJ Tarry, Chairman and Managing Director, Consolidated Property And Finance Ltd, South Africa
¹M Lawrence Tasha, President Director General, Amity Bank Cameroon SA, Cameroon
¹Mr Tasker, Managing Director, Zimbabwe Alloys Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Jean Taty-Loutard, Minister of Peteroleum Affairs, Government of Congo, Congo
¹Mr SC Tavengwa, Chairperson, Rio Tinto Zimbabwe Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Ms Medha Tawde, Contact Person, P & P Containers Ltd
¹Mr Mohammed Tawila, Director – Gas, Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, Egypt
¹Mr Adrian Taylor, Contact Person, Nederman, South Africa
¹Mr BP Taylor, Managing Director, ZF of South Africa (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Charles Taylor, President, Government of Liberia, Liberia
¹Mr G Taylor, Director, African Cables Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr John Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Development Finance Company of Uganda Limited, Uganda
¹Mr Jonathan Taylor, Exploration Director, Fusion Oil & Gas NL
¹Mr Marchant Taylor, Contact Person, SKF South Africa (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Maurice Taylor, Manager, Mocoh Energy International Limited
¹Mr Tim Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Rogers Company Ltd, Mauritius
¹Mr TA Taylor, Director, Trinidad Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Abdoulaye Bio Tchané, Government Minister, Ministry of Finance, Benin
¹Mr Pierre Tchanque, President, Chambre de Commerce d’Industrie et des Mines du Cameroun, Cameroon
¹Mr Etienne Tchioba, President, Banque Internationale pour le Commerce et l’Industrie du Gabon, Gabon

¹Mr Admassu Techane, General Manager, Housing & Savings Bank, Ethiopia
¹Mrs Margarida Teixeira, Representative, Jardine PF Angola LDA, Angola
¹Mr GE Telfer, Divisional Director (Books), Interpak Books (Consol Paper), South Africa
¹Mr Mervat Tellawi, Minister of Social Affairs, Government of Egypt, Egypt
¹Mr MacDonald Temane, Managing Director, Morokweng Diamonds (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹HE Christon Tembo, Vice-President, Government of Zambia, Zambia
¹Hon John Tembo, Vice-President, Government of Malawi, Malawi
¹Mr D Tempere, Managing Director, Minoterie et Aliments de Betail et de Boulangerie, Congo
¹Dr John Temple, Chairperson (Non-Exec.), Nu-World Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Octavian Temu, Managing Director, National Insurance Corporation of Tanzania, Tanzania
¹Mr Michael ten Hope, Managing Director, Creative Outsourcing Solutions International (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Gebre Tensay, Chairperson, Ethiopian Shipping Lines, Ethiopia
¹Mr Simon Teperson, Managing Director, Abacus Technology Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Karel ter Reehorst, Contact Person, ANDERS Publishing b.v.
¹Mr Mohamed Terbeche, President Director General, Banque Nationale d’Algérie, Algeria
¹Mr LHP Terblanche, Managing Director, Luk Africa (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Nic Terblanche, Managing Director, Roshcon, South Africa
¹Mrs Nancy Terreri, Representative, United Nations Children’s Fund, Namibia
¹Mr F Tesar, Deputy Chairperson, Shoredits Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Mesfin Teshome, Chairperson, Almeta Impex (Pvt) Ltd Co, Ethiopia
¹Mr M Teversham, Managing Director, Barclays Bank of Swaziland Ltd, Swaziland
¹HE Enoch Teye, Minister of Sports, Government of Ghana, Ghana
¹Mr Timothy Thahane, Deputy Govenor, South African Reserve Bank, South Africa
¹Mr Kishore Thaker, Contact Person, Export to Africa
²Mr AR Thamm, Director, Swaziland Industrial Development Company Ltd, Swaziland
¹Mr Peter Thamm, General Manager, Swaziland Industrial Development Company Ltd, Swaziland
¹Mr John Thangwane, Managing Director, Engen Ghana, Ghana
¹Mr Gero Theilig, IT Manager, Sandoz Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Tony Thelning, International Sales & Marketing Executive (Sydney), Precision Transducers
²Mr John Theo
¹Mr George Theobald, Managing Director, Tanzania Tea Packers Ltd, Tanzania
¹Mr r GCS Theobald, Chairman and CEO, Furnco Investments Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr EP Theron, Chairperson (Non-Exec.), Tolux SA, South Africa
¹Mr Jacques Theron, Director, Baynham Theron Development Consultants, South Africa
¹Mr Johan Theron, Director, The South African International Trade Exhibition, South Africa
¹Mr JJ Theron, Director, Kagiso Exhibitions (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr G Theuriau, Managing Director, Campagnie Ivoirienne D’Electricite, Côte d’Ivoire
¹Mr Tidiane Thiam, Government Minister, Government of Côte d’Ivoire, Côte d’Ivoire
¹Mr H Thiemann, Chairperson, Car Rental Association of Namibia, Namibia
¹Mr AW Thomas, Resident Partner, Bromhead & Thomas, Ethiopia
¹Mr E Thomas, Managing Director, Prudential Assurance Company of Kenya Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr James Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Triple Trust Organisation, South Africa
¹Mr Francis Thomas, Managing Partner, Ernst & Young Botswana, Botswana
¹Mr GM Thomas, Chairperson, Capital Property Fund Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr JA Thomas, Managing Partner, Pannel Kerr Forster & Co, Sierra Leone
¹Mr Mark Thomas, Managing Director, Bulk Mining Explosives (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Rob Thomas, Marketing Manager, Rolfes Colour Pigments, South Africa
¹Ms Imelda Thome, Chief Executive Officer, Wild-Wear-Africa cc, South Africa
¹Mr A Thompson, Managing Director, Dumpaw Gold Mine Ltd, Ghana

³Mr Arthur Thompson
³Mr David Thompson, Director, Cliffe Dekker Fuller Moore Inc., South Africa
¹Mr FR Thompson, Deputy Chairperson, Amalgamated Appliance Holdings Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr JP Thompson, Chairperson, Namdeb Diamond Corporation (Pty) Ltd, Namibia
¹Mr PCH Thompson, Chairperson, First National Bank of Botswana Ltd, Botswana
¹Mr PK Thompson, Managing Director, Social Security Bank Ltd, Ghana
¹Mr S Thompson, General Manager, Bokomo-Sasko, South Africa
¹Mr Michael Thomsen, Director of acquisitions, Newmont Gold Company
¹Mr SM Thomson, Chairperson, Rank Xerox Kenya Ltd, Kenya
¹Mr Jeremy Thorpe, Chief Executive Officer, Coronet Capital Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr HT Thorsen, Manager, Associated Marine Engineers (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Gibson Thula, Chairperson, South African Diamond Board, South Africa
¹Mr F Tibeita, Director General, East African Development Bank, Uganda
¹Mr Russel Tickner, Contact Person, Western Province Preserving Co ( Pty) Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Y Tidei, Managing Director, Office National des Cereales, Chad
¹M O You Tidjani, President, Compagnie Ivoirienne de Vente à Crédit et Acquisition, Côte d’Ivoire
¹Mr MA Tijani, Managing Director, Afroil Plc, Nigeria
¹Mr Asegid Tilahun, Chairperson, Agicultural Equipment & Technical Services Enterprise, Ethiopia
¹Mr Ato Gulilat Tilahun, Chairperson, Maritime & Transit Service Enterprise, Ethiopia
¹Mr Mullu Tilahun, Manager, Ethiopian Petroleum Corp, Ethiopia
¹Mr GJ Till, Managing Director, Bearing Man Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Befekadu Tillahun, Chairperson, Packtra Pvt Ltd, Ethiopia
¹Mr George Tiller, Regional Representative, International Finance Corporation, Zimbabwe
¹Mr Andrew Tillery, General Manager, Compagnie Heveicole de Cavally SA, Côte d’Ivoire
¹Mr Barry Tilney, Chief Executive Officer, Sondor Industries Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr Prosper Timossa, Minister of Health, Central African Republic, Central African Republic (CAR)
¹Mr Joseph Tindjou , Managing Director, CCEI Bank GE, Equatorial Guinea
¹Mr Tinstwalo, Contact Person, Safika Recruiting & Contracting, South Africa
¹Sir Harry Tirvengadum, Managing Director, Air Afrique (Cote d’Ivoire), Côte d’Ivoire
¹Mr F Titi, Chief Executive Officer, Kagiso Media Ltd, South Africa
¹Mr JO Titiloye, Chief Executive Officer, Morison Industries Plc, Nigeria
¹Mr Zam Titus, Director General of Provincial Affaris and Local G, Department of Provincial Affairs and Local Government, South Africa
¹Mr J Tjiho, Contact Person, Namibian Association for Literacy and Adult Education, Namibia
¹HE Paulo Tjipilica, Minister of Justice, Ministry of Justice, Mozambique
¹Hon Dr Ngarikutuke Tjiriange, Government Minister, Ministry of Justice, Namibia
¹Mr P Tjiueza, Contact Person, Otjinene Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Namibia
¹Mr DKJ Tjongarero, Director General, Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, Namibia
²Mr Max Tlakula
¹Mr EM Tlatsi, General Secretary, Institute of Public Servants, South Africa