MBendi assists companies to reach the large international business audience that uses the MBendi website by:

  • Creating a website for the client company
  • Registering the website on search engines and industry portals
  • Working with the client to prepare advertorial on business topics of interest to the target audience; these are included on the client website
  • Creating links to the client web pages, particularly the advertorial, from pages on the MBendi website most likely to be used by target audience (Note: we do NOT link to websites not located on the MBendi server other than from banners on our search pages)
  • Using MBendi software for news releases, conferences, exhibitions, employment vacancies and tenders so that they are seen on the client’s website, on the MBendi website and in MBendi’s E-mail products
  • Using MBendi software to build a database of potential stakeholders
  • Promoting the client in our E-mail newsletters and publications as appropriate
  • Providing tools for clients to analyse traffic to their websites

Currently some 50 companies from around the world promote their companies on the Mbendi website in this fashion. Benchmarks show MBendi clients can achieve up to eight times the traffic of a traditional website through this approach. Client case studies are available.

The cost of setting up the client’s website, including up to 25 links from MBendi country and industry profile web pages, and managing the website for one year is US$ 5000. There are additional charges if the client requires more links from the MBendi website or interactive facilities on their website. Special rates are available for conference organisers, business publishers and African SMMEs.

The MBendi website is Africa’s leading business website and one of the world’s leading mining, energy and international trade websites. During 2000 we expect it to be used by more than three million visitors, many of them business people researching business opportunities and seeking business partners and service providers. More than 50% of visitors come from North America, followed by Europe (18%), Africa (14%) and Asia Pacific (10%).

Visit our Case Studies page, for insights into how MBendi has helped companies in the past.

If your company is interested in reaching this audience then please send us your details.

Shaun Bakamoso

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