Featured Events

The following events are featured on the MBendi Website through some of the companies which are using the MBendi Website to market their goods and services to the international business community:

Event Date Location Organiser
Coaltrans India 2005 07.Mar.2005 New Delhi, India Coaltrans Conferences
GEPetrol & Oil and Gas in Equatorial Guinea 15.Mar.2005 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The CWC Group
Coaltrans China 2005 10.Apr.2005 Beijing, China Coaltrans Conferences
Nigeria Oil & Gas 2005 18.Apr.2005 Abuja, Nigeria The CWC Group
Power Generation World 2005 18.Apr.2005 Johannesburg, South Africa Terrapinn
LNG Finance Forum 09.May.2005 London, UK Coaltrans Energy Events
Coaltrans Asia 2005 05.Jun.2005 Bali, Indonesia Coaltrans Conferences
Northwest Africa Upstream 2005 27.Jun.2005 Dakar, Senegal Global Pacific & Partners
SAITEX 2005 04.Oct.2005 Johannesburg, South Africa SAITEX
9th Africa Downstream 07.Nov.2005 Cape Town, South Africa Global Pacific & Partners
Scramble For Africa 08.Nov.2005 Cape Town, South Africa Global Pacific & Partners
12th Africa Upstream 09.Nov.2005 Cape Town, South Africa Global Pacific & Partners
Mines & Money 22.Nov.2005 London, UK Mining Communications
Oil Africa 2006 22.Mar.2006 Cape Town, South Africa Oil Africa 2006
CENPEPM upcoming courses in the Oil & Gas industry.
Euromoney Legal and Lease Training upcoming legal training programmes in Africa.
Euromoney MIS Training upcoming MIS training programmes in Africa.
Euromoney Training EMEA upcoming finance and banking training programmes in Africa.
Regal Exchange & Associates upcoming finance and banking training programmes in Africa.
Terrapinn hosts trade exhibitions, conferences and training solutions.
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