General Information::

Organisation Type/Location: Government in Angola
Business Sector(s): Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing – Agriculture and Livestock Production, Animal Food Manufacturing, Cocoa Farming, Coffee, Tea and Chicory Farming, Cotton Farming, Fishing, Forestry and Logging, Fruit and Nut Growing, Landscaping, Livestock Production, Natural Fibre Farming, Nursery and Floriculture Production, Other Noncitrus Fruit Farming, Regulation of Agricultural Marketing and Commodities, Rubber Farming, Sheep Farming, Sugarcane Farming, Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry, Tobacco Farming, Vegetable and Melon Farming
Food, Beverages and Tobacco – Animal Slaughtering and Processing, Beverage Manufacturing, Bread and Bakery Product Manufacturing, Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing, Brewing, Catering, Coffee and Tea Manufacturing, Confectionery Product Manufacturing, Cookie, Cracker, and Pasta Manufacturing, Corn (Maize) Flour Milling, Dairy Product Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing, Frozen Food Manufacturing, Fruit and Vegetable Canning, Pickling, and Drying, Malt Manufacturing, Meat Processing, Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging, Spice and Extract Manufacturing, Tobacco Manufacturing, Wheat Flour Milling, Wine Making