General Information

Organisation Type: Government

Registered in: Libya

Related Organisations

has a share in: National Oil Corporation – Tripoli, Libya

Related Facilities

has a share in: Azzawiya – Simple Oil Refinery

has a share in: Ras Lanuf – Simple Oil Refinery

has a share in: Sirte Oil Co – Simple Oil Refinery


Secretary of Energy: Mr AS Al-Badri (Abdullah Salem)

Prime Minister: Mr M al-Shamekh (Mubarak)

Secretary of Economy & Commerce: Mr BS Cleminson (Benjamin)

Secretary of Mines: Mr AN Dolrogo (Andre Nalke)

Minister of Tourism: Mr A Latif (Ammar)

Minister of Economy & Trade: Dr A Zleitni (Abdulhafiz)

President: HE M el Gadaffi (Moammar)

Contact Information

Government of Libya

E-mail: Not Known