Nature of Business

Fixed services are provided by the Nigeria Telecommunications Ltd (NITEL Plc) on a monopoly basis.

Like other players in the economy, the company has shown poor performance, supplying slightly over 400 000 lines to serve more than 120 million people. Only 30% of the lines are digital. This is grossly inadequate. Government is implementing a policy designed to greatly increase the supply of telecommunications services.

This is to be achieved by the privatisation of Nitel the and licensing of another operator.


Launch Date Nitel was formed in 1985 after the merger of Nigerian External Telecommunications Ltd, responsible for external telecommunica tions, common carrier services and the telecommunications arm of the Department of Posts and Telecommunications

Technology used Technology is a mixture of analogue and digital technologies as shown below:
Local exchanges – digital 58 and analogue 177
Regional exchanges – digital 21 and 24 analogue
National exchanges – digital 6 International earth stns – digital 3 analogue 1
Nitel plans to digitalise all exchanges

No of subscribers 417 682

Capacity 718 460

Coverage (%)
Geographic The Nitel network covers the whole country with an extensive terrestrial network.
Population The critical issue is therefore the general expansion of the network – transmission, switching, customer access as well as the international gateways

Ownership details (with % shareholding) The government wholly owns Nitel.
The government has launched a process to eventually privatise Nitel in 2000 by the sale of 40% equity to a strategic equity investor and at a later date float 20% on the stock exchange

Average waiting period for connection Due to inadequate infrastructure, no measure would be realistic. The government has an ambitious programme to expand the network to 8 million by 2005 and considerably reduce the waiting time.

Market Share (Operator’s figure) Monopoly

Full Organisation Name Nigeria Telecommunications Ltd

Managing Director Prof Buba G Bajoga

Telephone + 234 2 523 4071

Fax + 234 2 523 0091

Physical Address 3/5 Tafawa Balewa Square, PMB 12550 Lagos Nigeria



General Information

Organisation Type: Company

Registered in: Nigeria

Nick name/Abbrev.: Nitel

Business Sector(s):
Computers & Communications

Related Organisations

has shareholder: Government of Nigeria

has shareholder: Investors International London Limited (51%)


Managing Director: Prof B Bajoga

Contact Information

Nigeria Telecommunications Plc

E-mail: Not Known

Office Address:
3-5 Tafewa Balewa Square

Postal Address:
P O Box 12550

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