Nature of Business
Ashton Mining is the world’s third largest diamond producer in volume terms.

Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia, one of the largest diamond mines in the world, is owned by Rio Tinto (59.9%) and Ashton Mining (40.1%). The mine aimed to yield about 39 million carats in the year to June 1998.

Ashton’s alluvial diamond project in the Cuango River region of the Lunde Norte province of Angola is expected to restart production later in 1998.

Ashton’s Angolan diamonds differed markedly from the Argyle diamonds in that their average value was around $250 a carat. The average value of an Argyle diamond is around $10-$15 a carat.

Mink International (49%) and Ashton West Africa (51%), a subsidiary of Ashton Mining, are involved in a drilling programme on the 36,000 square km Kenieba diamond concession in Mali

General Information
Organisation Type: Company
Registered in: Australia
Exchange Market Name
Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
Toronto Stock Exchange (TORONTO)
Business Sector(s):
Diamond Mining

Related Organisations
owns: Ashton West Africa (100%)

Related Facilities
Owns: Argyle – Mine
Owns: Cempaka – Mine
Owns: Merlin – Mine

Chief Executive Officer: Mr DW Bailey (Douglas)
Chairperson: Mr EP McClintock (Paul)

Contact Information

Ashton Mining Ltd
Office Address:
4th Floor
441 St Kilda Road
Melbourne, Victoria
300 3004

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