General Information
Organisation Type/Location: Government in Chad

Related Facilities
has a share in: Chad Cameroon Pipeline – Oil Product Pipeline in Cameroon (5%)
has a share in: Chad Cameroon Pipeline – Oil Product Pipeline in Chad (5%)

Related Projects
is principal in: Chad – Cameroon Crude Oil Pipeline (5%)

Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals: Mr M Abdoulaye (Mahamat)
Minister of Commerce, Industry and Crafts: Mr MS Adoum (Mahamat Saleh)
Minister of Public Works, Transport & Urban Plan: Mr MS Ahmat (Mahamat Saleh)
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: Mr MS Annadif (Mahamat Saleh)
Minister of Post and telecommunications: Ms A Annafi (Agnes)
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport: Mr B Biengi (Bichara)
Minister of Public Health: Mr N Biesmann (Nagita)
Minister of Environment and Water Resources: Mr OK Boukar (Oumar Kadjallami)
Minister of Livestock: Mr MA Choukou (Mahamat Ahmat)
Minister of Communications: Mr MW Dab (Moukhtar Wawa)
Minister of Higher Education: Mr A Djemesi (Adjung)
Minister of Tourism: Mr I Dramane (Issaka)
Minister of Agriculture: Mr RY Golom (Routang Yoma)
Minister of National Education: Mr AB Hamid (Abderahim Breme)
Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation: Mr MA Hassan (Mahamat Ali)
Minister of Finance: Mr IA Idriss (Idriss Ahamat)
Minister of Social Affairs and Family: Mr E Loume (Elir)
Minister of Security, Interior & Decentralisation: Mr A Moussa (Abderaman)
Minister of National Defense and Reinsertion: Mr E Nadingar (Emmanuel)
Minister of Civil Service, Labour, Employment: Mr K Tahini (Kalzuede)
Minister of Mines Energy and Petroleum: Mr MA Tahir (Mahamat Alawou)
Prime Minister: Mr N Yamassoum (Nagoum)
President: Mr I Deby (Idriss)

Contact Information

Government of Chad
E-mail: Not Known

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