The Organisation of African Unity, founded in 1963, is the most comprehensive of all the political organisations in Africa. Its primary aim is to promote unity and solidarity among African countries. Other aims and objectives include improving the general living standards in Africa, defending the territorial integrity and independence of of African states, and promoting international co-operation.

Membership of the OAU comprises 53 of the 54 countries of Africa. The only African state that is not a member is the Kingdom of Morocco which withdrew in 1985 following the admittance of the disputed state of Western Sahara as a member in 1984.

General Information
Organisation Type: Organisation
Registered in: Ethiopia
Nick name/Abbrev.: OAU
^– Related Countries
has member: Angola
has member: Cameroon
has member: Congo
has member: Côte d’Ivoire
has member: Democratic Republic of Congo
has member: Egypt
has member: Ethiopia
has member: Gabon
has member: Ghana
has member: Kenya
has member: Madagascar
has member: Malawi
has member: Mauritius
has member: Mozambique
has member: Namibia
has member: Nigeria
has member: Senegal
has member: Seychelles
has member: South Africa
has member: Sudan
has member: Swaziland
has member: Tanzania
has member: Tunisia
has member: Uganda
has member: Zambia
has member: Zimbabwe

Secretary General: Mr S Ahmed Salim (Salim)

Contact Information

Organisation of African Unity
E-mail: Yes – Send a message
Office Address:
Commerce and Tourism Section
Addis Ababa
Postal Address:
The Secretariat
PO Box 3243

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