Tobacco Products
Altria – company in Nigeria
Apollo Tobacco cc – company in South Africa
Aureoi Tobacco Co – company in Sierra Leone
Aureoi Tobacco Co Ltd – company in Sierra Leone
BAT (Malawi) Ltd – company in Malawi
BAT Uganda 1984 Ltd – company in Uganda
BAT Zaire SARL – company in Democratic Republic of The Congo
Benson & Hedges – company in Togo
British American Tobacco – company in United Kingdom
British American Tobacco (Zimbabwe) Limited (BAT) – listed company in Zimbabwe
British American Tobacco Co Ltd (BAT) – listed company in Ghana
British American Tobacco Holdings (SA) Ltd (BATSA) – company in South Africa
British American Tobacco Ltd (BAT) – listed company in Kenya
British American Tobacco Zimbabwe Holdings Limited – listed company in Zimbabwe
British American Tobacco Zimbabwe Limited (BAT) – company in Zimbabwe
British-American Tobacco Uganda (BAT) – company in Uganda
Duiker Leaf Tobacco Co Ltd – company in Sierra Leone
Eastern Tobacco Company – listed company in Egypt
El Yasmine for Tobacco – listed company in Egypt
Ente Tabacchi Italiani – company in Italy
International Tobacco Co Ltd – company in Nigeria
Japan Tobacco Inc – company in Japan
JT International S.A. – company in Switzerland
Limbe Leaf Tobacco – company in Malawi
Lowveld Golden Leaf – company in South Africa
Manufacture Burkinabe de Cigarettes (MABUCIG) – company in Burkina Faso

Tobacco Products (Continued)
Manufacture de Cigarettes du Tchad – company in Chad
Manufacture de Tabacs de l’Ouest Africain (MTOA) – company in Senegal
Mastermind Tobacco SA (Pty) Ltd – company in South Africa
Meridian Tobacco Co Ltd – company in Ghana
Monrovia Tobacco Corporation – company in Liberia
National Cigarettes – listed company in Sudan
Nigerian Tobacco Company Plc (NTC) – listed company in Nigeria
Rokel Leaf Tobacco Dev Co Ltd – company in Sierra Leone
Rothmans of Pall Mall Plc (RPMZ) – listed company in Zambia
Rwigass Cigarettes Company – company in Rwanda
Sociedade Unificada de Tabacos de Angola (SUT) – parastatal in Angola
Societé Beninoise des Tabacs et Allumettes (SOBETA) – company in Benin
Société Centrafricaine de Cigarettes SA – company in Central African Republic
Societé des Cigarettes Melia de Madagascar – company in Madagascar
Societé Industrielle et Agricole du Tabac Tropical (SIAT) – company in Congo
Societé Ivoirienne des Tabacs (SITAB) – listed company in Côte d’Ivoire
Societé Nationale des Tabacs et Allumettes du Mali (SONATAM) – parastatal in Mali
Stancom Tobacco Company ( Malawi) – company in Malawi
Sudan Tobacco Co Ltd – company in Sudan
Tanzania Cigarette Co – listed company in Tanzania
Tobacco Exporters International (Rothman) – company in Togo
Tobacco Importers & Distributors (Pty) Ltd – company in Lesotho
Tobacco Processors – company in Malawi
Tobacco Sales Limited (TSL) – listed company in Zimbabwe

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