General Information::

Facility Type: Simple Oil Refinery Oil and Gas
Location: Libya – Ras Lanuf
Status: Underway
Date Commissioned: 01.Jan.1984
Capacity: 11000 ktonnes/yr
Related Organisations
has shareholder: Government of Libya
The Ras Lanuf Refinery in Libya is a topping and reforming refinery with a nominal distillation capacity of 11,000 ktonnes per annum (220,000 bpd) and became fully operational in 1984/5. The refinery is owned by the Libyan Government and operated by the Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing Company, a subsidiary of the National Oil Corporation. The refinery produces fuel oil, gas oil, naphtha and kerosene. Expansions to the refinery due to be completed by 1995 will permit the production of benzene, butadiene, butane, and MTBE.
Refinery Units
The refinery has the following main production units (capacities in barrels per day):

  • Crude unit (220,000)
  • Ethylene plant (3 300)

New units came on line in 1995 on the Ras Lanuf site, a 3,300 bpd catalytic reforming unit and a 5,600 naphtha hydro-treatment unit.

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