General Information

Type: Simple Oil Refinery


Date Commissioned:

3300 ktonnes/yr


Related Organisations

has shareholder: Government of Kenya


The Mombasa refinery in Mombasa, Kenya, is a topping and reforming refinery with a nameplate distillation capacity of 3300 ktonnes per annum (90,000 bpd). The refinery went fully onstream in 1963 and was upgraded in 1974. It is owned by the Kenyan Government (50%), Caltex (11,75%), BP (12,7%), Shell (12,7%) and Mobil (12,85%), and was originally opened in 1954. The refinery is operated by Shell and supplies refined products to Uganda and Northern Tanzania in addition to the Kenyan market.

During 1994 the Mombasa refinery processed some two million tons of crude, about 10% less than what was required by the Kenyan market. In the past the refinery was fairly profitable but the strong Kenyan shilling in the second half of 1994 reversed this.

Since deregulation of the Kenyan fuel market in October 1994, the refinery has been running at approximately 70% of pre-October levels in order to meet local demand for LPG, a product that cannot be imported due to the lack of bulk handling facilities in Mombasa port. Some measure of protection has been afforded to the Refinery by the imposition of a special import tariff on gasoline and residual fuel oils.

Refinery Units

The Mombasa refinery has the following main production units: (Capacities in barrels per day)

Refinery Units Capacity (bpd)
Crude unit 90,000
Vacuum unit 1,700
Catalytic reformer 9,600
Distillate hydrotreater 33,000

Contact Details

Postal Address: P O Box 90401, Changamwe, Mombasa, Kenya

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